Garry Mac Was The Embodiment Of Chattanooga

  • Wednesday, February 8, 2023

As the tributes come pouring in for our beloved Garry Mac, there are so many memories that come to mind.

Probably the most hilarious was when Garry, David, Rebecca and Kevin, from Channel 12, hosted our Children's Miracle Network Telethon. I was the new Administrator of Children's Hospital and fairly new to town. Garry decided, during the Telethon, that a good way to raise money for Children's, was for him to auction my clothes. He, of course, was wide open and, as the new kid in town, I was happy to oblige. In the end, we raised a lot of money for Children's and I was left with a hospital gown on.

Probably the second most hilarious moment happened when my parents were in town. I told my Dad that my new buddy at Channel 12 wanted me to give him a word to say on the newscast. My Dad came up with the word, rambunctious. I don't know where he came up with the word but I called Garry and he gladly accepted the challenge. During the news that night, he cut to a clip that had something to do with a BBQ outing. As soon as he was live he said, "Now weren't they quite rambunctious!" My Dad and I rolled with laughter on the couch in the den. Only Garry would want to pull something off like that!

The most touching thing I remember about Garry was when the Channel 12 newscast and my wife, son and I were at his house for a cookout. My son, who is now 30, was then about four months old. Garry cradled Shea (who was not happy at the time) and took him for a walk down his driveway. He sat at the end of the driveway and just held him until he quit crying. Garry had a huge heart.

There are so many more stories that you will hear about Garry because he was the embodiment of Chattanooga, through and through. Chip Baker

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