sAge Aesthetics & Well Being Opens In Ooltewah, Celebrates Grand Opening March 24-25

  • Thursday, March 16, 2023
sAge Aesthetics and Well Being announces the opening of their first location directly off Exit 9 in Ooltewah.  The grand opening celebration will be Friday and Saturday, March 24 and 25.  

"Co-Creators and best friends McKenzie Cruz and Lauran Michael bring years of experience and loads of passion for helping others in the community they have chosen to live in and raise their families," officials said. "McKenzie is lead physician assistant and Lauran is the clinic director and head of nutrition.
It is their visions and dreams that are in every part of sAge and its mission and purpose." 

“McKenzie’s kindness and care is noticed in every treatment she provides,” said Ms. Michael. “She definitely found her calling.”  

"Providing the most natural results, while still empowering each patient to exude their own confidence and desired results is where McKenzie’s passion for the aesthetic side of the business lives. Her passion and commitment is fully aligned with Lauran’s on the wellness side of the business as well," officials said.

“Lauran believes that feeling your best truly begins with what we put in our bodies and how we care for them,” said Ms. Cruz. “She wants to help our patients achieve complete healing and confidence from the inside out and is committed to and passionate about delivering optimal patient wellbeing.” 

Ms. Michael has implemented personalized nutrition counseling, nutritional supplements, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, advanced biometric measurement and red light therapeutic devices into the clinic. 

The team at sAge said they have based their business on a set of core principles: 
• Self-love / love;
• Assurance / trust;
• Gratitude / giving; and
• Energy / spirit. 

CEO Teresa Schindlbeck has 25 years of experience creating and growing businesses and 15 of those years specifically in the medical aesthetic and wellness space. 

“I truly believe beauty and confidence begins within us, and this is why sAge addresses both our inner and outer beauty,” said Ms. Schindlbeck. “I’m proud to be a part of this team and see the difference McKenzie and Lauran will make in the community.”  

In addition to sharing this deep philosophy that is embedded in the DNA of sAge that they are all passionate about, they are also offering sAge signature services that are only available at sAge and Dr. Patrick Bitter’s, sAge’s chief medical officer, clinic in Los Gatos, Ca.

“Dr. Bitter is considered the world’s foremost expert on using light-based technologies to treat skin,” said Ms. Cruz. “I trained with him, learned from him and we worked together to create a menu of custom treatments for sAge patients to deliver optimal results and natural looking, rejuvenating patient outcomes. I am so proud to have had this opportunity to work with Dr. Bitter and to share these unique services with our community right here in Ooltewah.” 

BBL and MOXI by Sciton, along with SaltFacial are three of the core technologies offered at sAge. Sciton BBL treatments address hyperpigmentation issues, including sun damage and age spots. Sciton MOXI treatments are for addressing aging skin signs, skin texture, overall skin tone and rejuvenation. The SaltFacial is for those looking for a natural, non-invasive way to restore, rejuvenate and replenish their skin with a medical grade facial treatment. It is through these technologies and treatments that the sAge signature procedures are performed and uniquely customized to each patient. 

In addition to these technologies, sAge offers facial fillers by Allergan and Merz, and neuromodulators Botox and Xeomin. They are able to curate a unique skin care regimen for each of their patients with Skin Medica, Neocutis and Skin Better Science products. Hair reduction services, microneedling, facial fat reduction, contouring, and personalized weight loss programs are other services that sAge provides for their patients. 

“Treatment protocols and techniques are so important and truly need to be personalized. My training surrounding our sAge signature protocols enable me to treat every patient uniquely to meet their individual desired goals and results,” said Ms. Cruz.  

For more information about sAge, the grand opening and to RSVP for the event on Saturday, visit and find us on social @sagebetterwithus. sAge is located at 8202 Apison Pike, Suite 104, Ooltewah, Tn. 37363.
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