Stand For What Is Good - And Response (2)

  • Friday, March 31, 2023

After reading the recent statement of Senator Blackburn, related to the possible Trump indictment, I admonish you.

Do not let "blind Republican loyalty" to Donald Trump or to anyone else, who blatantly and without remorse, nor seemingly moral compass, has gotten themselves legally entangled in possible wrong doing, allow you to also error on the side of wrong doing.

It not only has a negative impact societally, but it also gets you morally and personally into trouble with a much higher power.

We should all judge in truth, and in doing what is right vs. the politics of what is wrong, and continues to drive this country, to its detriment, into further negative partisan divide.

So stand for what is good, just, as well as what is right and factual, instead of what is entangled in wrong doing and is politically expedient, in order to get re-elected.

Because if you don't, politics has the power to destroy your soul, by first infecting your moral fiber, as well as blinding you to what is truth.

Nothing is worth this. Not even getting elected, re-elected, nor the defense of one's political alignment.

Dr. Jean Howard-Hill

* * *

I learned some things about myself by reading this 'admonishment’. Let me list a few.

Apparently, If I support Donald Trump, it can only be out of “blind Republican loyalty”.

Donald Trump has “blatantly and without remorse, nor seemingly moral compass, gotten himself legally entangled in possible wrong doing, (causing me, by association, I guess) to also err on the side of wrong doing”. This puts me in danger of “destroying my soul”, by first “infecting my moral fiber, as well as blinding me to what is truth.”

Thus, not only could my personal politic preferences cause a “negative impact societally, but it also gets me morally and personally into trouble with a much higher power.”

What was I thinking?

Dale Martin

* * * 

No, the Republicans will not stand for what is good - and right. Because of “blind Republican loyalty to Trump”, the Republicans are only using the indictment to attack Democrats.  They ignore rule of law, if applying to one of their own. 

From the Trump rally in Waco, to the calls of Republicans in the Congress, the “blind Republican loyalty” to Trump is shamelessly exhibited.  This also means they ignore his calls for violence and remain silent to potential dangers.

The 10th Amendment reads “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” 

This was an Amendment to assuage fears of a too-powerful federal government by those founding fathers favoring greater states' rights, particularly Jefferson, its author.  I will add that this may have been a basis for the SCOTUS to rule that abortion issues belong to the states.

Rep. Jim Jordan has attempted to interfere with Trump’s treatment by New York.  In violation of the 10th Amendment, this “blind Republican loyalty to Trump” is even more foreboding. 

As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, shouldn’t we expect that chairman to have a basic understanding of the Constitution?  Isn’t the Republican Party the party of “less government”?  Apparently so, as long as less government is favorable to them.

Sunday’s Daily Poll asked whether charges should be brought against Trump.  Some 62 percent said “No”.  I’m not surprised.  Although unscientific, this result is likely indicative of the “blind Republican loyalty to Trump”.  It invited partisan answers from the truly uninformed.

How many people really understand the charges that are likely to be brought against Trump? 

Is it legal to enter into a non-disclosure (silence) agreement?  Yes. 

So why was Trump indicted if the payment for silence was itself legal?

Trump’s actions were not just “campaign finance violations”.  The state of New York did not pull evidence to indict out of thin air, nor will it allege the payment itself was a crime. 

What will be illegal is that if Trump, Cohen, et. al. attempted to cover up the payment (1) as a legitimate business expense, rather than a payment made to avoid embarrassment for Donald Trump personally, and (2) in the process, further reduce New York state income tax. (The Trump Org. has already been found guilty regarding its accounting and tax reporting).   We already know Cohen is guilty as Trump’s agent.  Under agency law, barring proof otherwise, the principal is also guilty. 

Why up to 30 counts in the indictment?  Likely because other payments were discovered, revealing attempts to record them, too, as legitimate business expenses, although their purpose was to avoid embarrassment for Trump.

Even former VP Pence doesn’t know the reasons for the indictment.  He described the indictment as “tied to a campaign finance issue” brought by “a prosecutor who literally ran for office on the pledge to indict the former president,” . . .  That statement is not remotely close to describing the alleged crimes. 

I found no record of the prosecutor making such a pledge.  Yes, he stated that if Trump needed to be investigated, he was best qualified since he had successfully sued Trump civilly, not criminally (remember the Trump Foundation?  Or Trump University?).

One of the characteristics of a cult is blind loyalty to the leader.  So yes, “blind Republican loyalty to Trump” exists, and the rule of law does not apply to him.  No, the Republicans will not stand for what is good - and right.

Joe Warren

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