In the Midst Devotional Offers Restoration In Midst Of Traumatic Loss

  • Friday, May 19, 2023
Keith and Misti Sammons
Keith and Misti Sammons

With In the Midst: 30 Days to Living Life on Purpose, Keith and Misti Sammons are on a mission to help others find restoration in the midst of traumatic loss and heartbreak. The book is available now on Amazon or at 

In the Midst is the couple’s 2023 debut co-authored devotional book. Already offering encouragement through nonprofit organizations, music, podcast and speaking, the book is just the latest way that the couple is providing resources to those in need. 

All their work is based on deep personal experience. Mr. and Mrs. Sammons’s lives intersected after both of them had lost spouses in different but intensely traumatic ways. In the process, both walked into peace and joy beyond the world’s understanding.

“You don’t have to remain a victim of your circumstances,” said Mrs. Sammons. “You can choose to come out. It’s not dishonoring who or what you’ve lost. These are things that we learned in our process that you can apply to any kind of grieving process, to come out with joy and purpose in life, to move forward.”

“You can prepare for grief, and you can live life after death on this side of the grave,” said Mr. Sammons. “The greater thing is not the death. The greater thing is the life we have to offer people.”

That is exactly what this ministry-minded couple has done through leading bible studies, through Mr. Sammons’s music, and through the wisdom shared in countless personal conversations. The principles of resurrecting faith that the Sammons steward can be applied to any kind of sorrow. Whether someone is facing a terminal illness, has lost someone important, or just needs some encouragement, Mr. and Mrs. Sammons are the compassionate companions who have been there.

“Grief is way beyond death: financial loss, divorce,” said Mr. Sammons. “We just feel a mandate on our life. Through sharing our story, knowing that it was faith that brought us through it, with an environment that breeds joy, we can help people overcome whatever they’re facing.”

“That fosters the belief that they can overcome as well, that our story can become their story,” Mrs. Sammons agrees.

In the Midst: 30 Days to Living Life on Purpose breaks down some of those concepts into pieces that fit into readers’ everyday lives. In addition to personal experience, the message that they have to share through the devotional is rooted deeply in a matured faith. Mrs. Sammons has a Master’s degree in Theological Studies, and has served as a lay minister with a passion for the Word of God. Mr. Sammons has served as a worship pastor for over 25 years, even previously publishing a book on the subject in addition to his recorded music and TBN appearances. 

“Scripture gives you a plan for walking through the valley of the shadow of death,” Mr. Sammons said. “There’s no trial that isn’t mimicked in the Scripture, and a plan for how to get through it.” 

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