Manifesto Mystification

  • Thursday, May 25, 2023

Months after the murder of six people including three children in a Nashville school, the manifesto, possibly revealing the killer’s motives, is still embargoed. May 22 it was revealed a so-called court conference would decide if it should ever be made public.

FOX 17 Nashville reported police withheld the release due to lawsuits but those lawsuits weren’t filed for weeks after it happened. According to WTVC, police claim it’s still an active investigation. There are reports 90 of the 112 families are represented by an attorney and they all oppose release fearing it could lead to another massacre. Was that concern ever raised in other such murders?

In fact, where was any outcry when manifestos were splashed across social media and the news after other mass shootings? In most, the killer’s tirade was out in a day or two but many of those were full of racist rants. What’s in this one that’s so different provoking such a response? Could it be the FBI or DOJ want its contents off-limits to the public?

Certainly no one wants the floor plan of a school compromised if such information is in this document but that could have been removed months ago. As long as contents are secret the narrative can be about guns and not the “suspect’s” state of mind or motives.

So will we ever see the whole truth and nothing but the truth since this “manifesto” has spent months possibly spinning in a Leftist Laundry?

Ralph Miller

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