Remembering Ed Buice, Gone Too Soon

  • Monday, June 5, 2023

When I first arrived at what was then known as Action News in December of 1987, Ed Buice welcomed me with open arms.

Ed guided and as assignment editor sent me on stories that played to my strengths, including the story that cemented my position in the newsroom (The Fast Food Christmas Month Robberies.)

As a newbie only in Hamilton County for 18 days, Ed made sure I joined his family for Christmas dinner.

He was thoughtful, kind and part of what some of us consider the best journalism years of WTVC (Tucker, Favole, Moore, Everett, Echols and Perry as well as anchors Johnson, Locher, Patterson and Stein come to mind.)

Ed was also the pioneer of transitioning from the news side to public information officers and set an example for those of us following in his footsteps that we would strive to emulate.

Ed is gone far too soon.

Mike Dunne

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