Don’t Lose The Lookouts

  • Monday, February 19, 2024
You take the escalator or walk up the hill to the entrance to the stadium, holding your printed at home ticket or your e-ticket on your phone. Moving through the gate, you hear the sounds you’ve grown to love over the years. Program calls, contest sign-ups, the buzz of people buying food or merchandise, the smell of dozens of different foods being prepared. You see familiar faces of friends, workers and team members you have met over the years. You find your seat and prepare for the “Greatest Show on Dirt.” 
Thousands and thousands of people over the years have attended the local games of our Lookouts.
This team has been a Chattanooga staple for over well over 100 years. How many little leaguers have attended the games? School children? Businesses? Dignitaries? Our National Anthem has been performed by thousands of talented local people. The games the Lookouts play between innings have entertained us thousands of times. The incredible firework shows, the special events that have been so much fun and entertaining for the crowds. There are concerts, college baseball and travelling entertainment when our Lookouts aren’t playing.

The MLB made rules a couple of years ago that require the expansion to a new stadium. If our officials, the builders and the owners of the Lookouts can’t come together and get us the best deal that will keep the Lookouts in Chattanooga, then the team will have to move to another city. For the thousands of fans that have attended the games over the decades, this would be a great tragedy.

Thomas Blanks
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