He Keeps Popping Up For A Reason

  • Monday, February 26, 2024

Gavin Newsom keeps popping up for a reason. As speculation grows about Biden’s fitness to serve until age 86, a question unheard of 2- years ago, party elites shunned RFK Jr, also unheard of 20 years ago. On NBC Sunday, dandy Gav was tossed a softball about his support for someone seen by many as no longer able to lead. Newsom sounded like a snake oil salesman with lots of honey praise for Joe.

He claimed what Biden had done in three years has been a master class. A master class in what, disaster after disaster? That interview was a clear example of the phony sideshow huckster in the thousand dollar suit Newsom is. He would have been a perfect character in a Lewis Carroll literary nonsense tale.

Newsom is the kind of smooth operator who could charm a toad out of a tree and probably has been doing a lot of that lately as he doesn’t seem to be looking after business in California where the state debt is now $74 billion (calmatters.org). So Gavin is here, he’s there, he’s everywhere trying to look presidential, always willing to say anything to appear loyal.

Newsom is popping up for a reason, but don’t be taken in by the media’s fawning over his Frisco Flimflam Folly, he would be as bad or worse than Biden, but his lines would be slicker and so would his hairstyle.

Ralph Miller

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