Military Exercises In Chattanooga Caused Damages, Frightened Some Residents

  • Saturday, April 20, 2024
On Tuesday, April 16 the Department of Defense conducted a training exercise at the former Dawn School which is now closed.  Taking part was the City of Red Bank, Chattanooga and Hamilton County.  The public announcement said that during this time residents may hear loud noises or hear helicopters in the evening and early morning hours during the exercise.

I am happy to support our military and their training and l feel such training is wonderful.  However, it is unfortunate no one seemed to realize how close the houses on Avalon Circle are to the site of the exercise.
The two landings of the helicopters on the parking lot just a few yards directly behind my property caused the area to be covered with leaves and twigs and blew the covers off my deck furniture.  The first explosion from inside the school shattered and blew out several of the school's windows.  It also shook the foundation of many of the houses and in my home caused two plates hanging on the kitchen wall to crash to the floor. The sounds of explosions and gunfire was frightening to the young children and pets in our neighborhood.  This activity continued until 3 a. m.

I hope in the future individuals responsible for conducting such exercises will use a site that is not so close to a residential area.

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