Privilege And Immunity

  • Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A bill, the Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens who Assault Cops Act, passed the US House 265 to 148 with 54 Democrats voting with the majority. If it’s rejected by Senate Democrats or Biden refuses to sign it, that will tell illegals who assault cops they have immunity from deportation at a time Biden’s DOJ is fighting Donald Trump’s claims of immunity.

AG Garland refuses to make public the audio tape of Robert Hur’s interview of Biden, claiming Executive Privilege. In the written transcript omissions were labeled “inaudible” (The Hill 5/18/24). An audio might divulge what he said. In the written transcript Biden claimed to having forgotten some 100 times (NPR 3/12/24) causing Hur to label Joe an elderly man with a poor memory. Ex: when he recently claimed as Vice President, Obama sent him to “fix” Detroit during the pandemic (Daily Beast 5/20/24)

No wonder Garland fears voters hearing a rambling Joe making “vroom” sounds (Boston Herald 3/18/24) scaring them more than just their hearing about it. His degrading is daily now like the NAACP address or his recent embarrassment in the Rose Garden. So Garland plays the privilege card while at the same time he fights similar claims of privilege by Trump or his advisors (The Hill 4/23/24).

Former Trump advisor, Peter Navarro, is in prison having been held in contempt of Congress when Democrats were in the majority. The DOJ now demands another Trump advisor, Steve Bannon, begin serving time for his being in contempt of Congress (CNN 5/14/24). So is this what Democrats meant about the “end of democracy” as they show us who has immunity and executive privilege and who doesn’t? Ask them.

Ralph Miller

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