Another Submersible Trip To The Titanic

  • Monday, June 10, 2024

I recently read the internet articles discussing the interests of Larry Connor and Patrick Lahey in planning a trip in a submersible to the wrecked Titanic to prove that such a voyage can be made safely. Apparently these men are interested in proving that safe voyage can be made in the wake of the 2023 tragedy in which a submersible imploded, killing all the occupants.

These men are certainly entitled to spend their money (and possibly their insurer's money) and time in any way they choose and to undertake a submersible voyage if they wish to do so. But I wonder - I really wonder - if the money they feel a need to spend on this adventure could be better spent in ways that could actually produce a better world and actually benefit people who need some help.

How many homeless families could be housed, at least temporarily, and how many food-insecure children could be fed with a portion of the money spent on the undersea voyage? How many children's lives could be saved by investing this money in St. Jude's Hospital? How many humanitarian missions to the troubled Gaza strip could be funded to help alleviate the suffering there? How many homeless and disabled American veterans could be helped to achieve a better quality of life? How many people who have lost homes and family to tornadoes could be helped with this money? 

Again, people are entitled to spend their money and time in any manner they choose. But it seems to me that a better way to spend both is by making the world a better or safer, or less hungry place to live. Or, maybe I am just a grumpy old man who sees things differently from some others. 

Tim McDonald

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