Commendations To Judge Collier And His Clerks

  • Monday, June 10, 2024

In an era where thoughtful discourse and articles engendering public enlightenment are becoming unfortunately rare and hard to find in any public forum, I write to offer my commendations to Judge Collier and his clerks for their very thoughtful article on Justice John Marshall Harlan published by the Chattanoogan on June 7.

Justice Harlan’s judicial work was indeed truly remarkable as Judge Collier and his clerks so thoughtfully reveal.

I did not personally know his grandson, John Marshall Harland II, who later also served on the Supreme Court, but I saw him frequently as I spent several summers building roads in a small Connecticut town where we both lived and he is now interred. But I found his opinions and many dissents intellectually stimulating when I read them in law school and afterward as I practiced.

The Harlans were obviously a great family. But as a retired lawyer, I think I can likewise fairly say that we are no less blessed to have jurists like Judge Collier and his supporting law clerks teaching us about our judicial history in such a thoughtful and wonderful way. Thank you all so very much for taking the time from from your incredibly busy schedules to write and inform us. It just means so much.

David R. Evans

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