Fuming Over Parking - And Response (2)

  • Monday, June 24, 2024

We received a parking ticket last week from the lot next to the Flying Squirrel for non paying. We tried using our credit card and the machine said it was not working and came back to try again with the same results.

We filed our appeal online to Omega and got a reply saying they investigated and they denied our appeal. We don't have any legal recourse, can't talk to any human and are being charged $40, up to $50, for our violation.

Can the city explain these exorbitant fees and what's the split with Omega? I would love to hear the law Omega is operating under and investigation of their operation.

If you think I am off base, just look up their record at the Better Business Bureau.

Tommy Dickinson

* * *

I had a parking ticket in the Bluff View area after visiting the Hunter. I’d tried to use the app but it wasn’t working, so walked to the kiosk and tried to pay with a card, but none of the buttons were responsive. I appealed the $50 ticket from Omega but was told they didn’t get an alert that the machine wasn’t working so I’d have to pay.

Who’s Omega? The app and the kiosk are different companies. And I thought CARTA was the one who handed out parking tickets.

The registered agent for Omega is an attorney at a law firm in Columbus, Ga.

The CEO, CFO and secretary is said to be an 86- year-old guy in Phoenix City, Al. A mister Jimenez is in there somewhere. Google Maps shows Omega at various parking lots and a garage they apparently use or rent or manage for the property owners. 706 Cherry St., for example, is owned by a Mr. Forties who lives in Nashville.

Good luck learning anything through their website.

Matt Grubbs

* * *

If you check online at the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, etc., complaints about Omega Parking are legion. They are clearly predatory, and don't deserve your money. 

My suggestions, for what they are worth:

1. Don't pay their "citations." Omega is not a government agency; they cannot put points on your driver's license, etc. If they report your "non-payment" to a credit bureau, file a dispute (keep records to support your position).

2. If a business/venue uses Omega to manage their parking lot, stop patronizing that establishment. Tell them why.

3. Never park in an Omega lot again. Walk half a mile if you have to. Tell your friends to shun them, too. There's nothing like a lack of revenue to put shysters like this out of business.

Joe Dumas

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