City's Bike Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System Begins Beta Testing Friday

  • Friday, June 8, 2012

Alta Bicycle Share and PBSC Urban Solutions began beta testing on the City of Chattanooga’s Bike Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System Friday morning.

A limited number of selected yearly members will be using the system to test Bike Chattanooga’s newly-developed hardware and software.  Most stations in the downtown area will be used for testing, with the exception of those on the Riverbend site, which are closed for the duration of the festival.

Bike Chattanooga will not yet be open for general public use.  

“The Bike Chattanooga system will have the latest developments in bike share technology available in the world today,” said Chattanooga Bicycle Coordinator Philip Pugliese. “While we were advised that the system could launch on April 20,  the process required to ensure flawless operation was longer than we originally anticipated.”  

Bike Chattanooga’s new features include color touch screens, highly-efficient cylindrical solar masts and bicycles equipped with both GPS units and secondary locking mechanisms.  In addition, there will be ISO Smart Cards, smart phone applications that allow users real time access to bike availability, and GPS tracking that will provide data about user route preferences. This is an invaluable tool for city planners designing new facilities and individuals interested in monitoring patterns in their bicycle routes.  Specialized reports that provide information on the environmental, economic, health, and other benefits of the system will also be produced.  

Alta Bicycle Share and PBSC Urban Solutions have made a long-term commitment to the City of Chattanooga as a strategic development partner.  Bike Chattanooga will serve as a model for mid-sized cities nationwide, proving that bicycle transit systems can play a vital role in all types of communities.  As a result of being a development partner, Chattanooga residents will continue to experience the most advanced features available in the world, officials said.

The public can learn more at

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