Cleveland Council To Vote On Cutting Study Time For $12 Million Intersection

  • Tuesday, July 24, 2012
  • Tonya Brantley
Cleveland City Mayor Tom Rowland (center) presents Della Renner (left) and her son, Rob Renner (right) with a Resolution Honoring the Service of Bruce Renner.
Cleveland City Mayor Tom Rowland (center) presents Della Renner (left) and her son, Rob Renner (right) with a Resolution Honoring the Service of Bruce Renner.
photo by Tonya Brantley

A motion to change the 90-day delay for the Ocoee/25th Street improvements to 60 days, with the vote scheduled for Sept. 10,  was denied by the Cleveland City Council on Monday.

Councilman Richard Banks said, “I really don’t see how you can give justice to a decrease in time. I think 90 days is reasonable. The concerned parties that were at our last meeting heard us vote that there would be a 90-day study of this. We also had spontaneous applause and they thought spending $2,000 for the study was a wise financial decision rather than committing to a $12 million intersection. I think the 90 days was agreeable two weeks ago and I’m going to vote no and let study be done.”

City Manager JaniceCasteel informed the council, “If the vote could occur on Sept. 10, and the vote is yes to make these improvements, then we would not lose our spot with TDOT as far as moving the project forward. That is the reason why I was suggesting the date of Sept.10.”

Councilman Banks responded, “Janice, I’m a little bit bothered by a memo, and what appears to be your position, where it says, ‘please don’t let us lose this opportunity.’ That seems to me and to a lot of the interested property owners who may lose their business, that you’re interjecting your personal opinion on this issue. I think this is a council decision. We have to be conscious of the fact that when we vote on this project, that there’s going to be imminent domain proceedings.There would be lawsuits filed in court. To put in here that we can’t let this opportunity get away, I think we need to be focusing on other funding issues rather than this intersection project.”

Janice Casteel replied,“I’m not trying to be disagreeable, but this is your project and I’m trying to move it forward. We had it listed as a priority for you and that’s what I’m basing my actions on.”

Councilman Bill Estes said, “If we want to argue merits we can. Tad Bacon with Cleveland Utilities said he could have a traffic study done before our next meeting. Janice,I value your opinion. I appreciate your opinion. I expect your opinion. You are our city manager. Your opinion carries a lot of weight. This is going to have to come in time.”

Councilman Banks said, “We have to always be conscious about how we appear to the public. Two weeks ago we voted we were going to do a study for 90 days. Now we want to change it to 60 days. The people I’m talking to are not  too happy about it. Ithink the 90 days is deserved to do a full study of this.”

Councilman George Poe commented, “I cannot go against all the people that were in here when we voted to do that. I have to stick up for the people that voted for me.”

A motion for the Cleveland Animal Shelter to attempt to hold animals brought to the shelter for a minimum of 72 hours before they euthanize them passed unanimously. In an effort to increase adoption of those animals, shelter staff will make available to volunteer the opportunity to take photos of the animals and post those pictures on the animal shelter website.

A resolution reaffirming the Cleveland City Council’s commitment of $2,010,010 for the Veterans Home with a memorandum of understanding to be voted on at the next meeting passed unanimously.

The following consent agenda items passed unanimously:

-Bid Report – Uniforms for Public Works and Recreation.

-Resolution No: 2012-88 – Authorizing the Mayor to sign a quitclaim deed to Cheryl Slaughter (70 East Street).

-Resolution No: 2012-90 – Amending the grant contracts for PhaseII of the Roadscapes Projects.

-Resolution No: 2012-91 – Amending thegrant contracts for Phase III of the Roadscapes Projects.

-Resolution No: 2012-92 – Establishing a sister city relationship with Phnom Penh, which contains the Andong Village, Cambodia.

The Civitan Playground ribbon cutting will be Aug. 1 at 10 a.m. at Stuart Elementary School.

Mayor Tom Rowland presented the widow of Bruce Renner, Della Renner, and son Rob Renner with a resolution in his honor. The resolution honoring the service of Bruce D. Renner to the city of Cleveland reads:

THAT WHEREAS, Mr. Bruce Renner faithfully served this community as a member of the Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals from May 1994 until his death on June 14, 2012; and

WHEREAS, during his many years of service on the Board of Zoning Appeals, Mr. Renner dedicated himself to the public welfare of the citizens of Cleveland; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Renner earned the respect and admiration of all our citizens by his whole-hearted and dedicated participation in many civic and community activities; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and staff are deeply saddened by his passing and wish to express to his family their sympathy and high regard for Mr. Renner;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Cleveland Tennessee in regular session assembled on this 25 day of June, 2012 as follows:

Section 1: That the City Council hereby expresses heartfelt sympathy to the members of the Renner family and deep appreciation for his dedication and service to the community.

Section 2: That this Resolution is hereby presented to members of the Bruce Renner family as a small token of the high regard in which he was held bythe Mayor, City Council, City Manager and staff of the City of Cleveland. Passed and adopted this 23rd day of July, 2012.

The Cleveland City Council will hold its next voting session on Aug.13 at 3 p.m.

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