Wayne-O-Rama Performs At Glass Street "Live" Event

Monday, October 10, 2016 - by Mark A. Herndon

Glass Street LIVE 2016, an annual all-day festival, was celebrated with a giant puppet parade and entertainment that enthralled the crowd.  The festival, in its third year, is designed to bring life back to the historic Glass Street district and the day could not have been more exciting.  

There was a great turnout for this awesome family event.  Clowns, students showcasing their own puppets, marching bands, Shriners, convertibles carrying dignitaries, community partners and giant puppets of Civil War generals highlighted a vibrant day of celebration. Guests enjoyed live entertainment curated by Jazzanooga, toured the newly-opened Sherman’s Reservation and celebrated the Centennial celebration of the National Park Service while touring the neighborhood and visiting food trucks, vendors, exhibitors and community partners.

These photos capture some of the excitement of the festival, the revitalizing spirit of the community and of the products of the children and community members who translated their energy into a celebration of their neighborhood. The efforts to think, create, design, produce and launch an event like Glass Street LIVE 2016 represented a strong investment in community spirit, children and the future. Organizers should be celebrated. Join the efforts of the Glass House Collective online atwww.glasshousecollective.org or on Facebook at Glass House Collective.

Glass House LIVE 2016 was hosted by the Glass House Collective through sponsorships with Edd Kirby’s Adventure Cars, SunTrust, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and the Education Foundation of America.  Parade partners included the Flashlight Shows, the Chattery and the Shaking Ray Levi Society.  Glass Street LIVE 2016 drew huge support to a community striving for change, as this East Chattanooga neighborhood was alive with a parade, food vendors, community partners, entertainment and more.   Chattanooga Live Music is proud to have captured the spirit of the community, its story and this exciting project.

Volunteers have been working with award-wining artist Wayne White to capture the likenesses of the generals and notable people and places in Chattanooga’s history, amid the bustle of artists and the hum of power tools. WTCI’s locally-produced program, “The A List with Alison Lebovitz”, will feature an interview with Wayne White, a Chattanooga native, on Nov. 17 at 8:30 p.m. on the Tennessee Valley’s community PBS station. 

Wayne–O-Rama will be a part of the upcoming MAINX24 Southside Parade and will host an open house on Dec. 3 at 1800 Rossville Ave., #108, one block off Main Street in the Tenn Arts Studio.

Wayne White currently is enjoying recognition in the modern art world for his masterfully created word paintings and for his elaborate, astounding installations. Chattanoogans will enjoy the fantastic, awe-inspiring puppets and larger-than-life installations. The support of the Chattanooga community is evident today as his city greets WAYNE-O-RAMA with enthusiasm and volunteers as the year-long installation takes shape. Produced by the Shaking Ray Levi Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting arts and art education in Chattanooga for over 30 years, the installation will be an exciting arts destination.

Wayne-O-Rama will provide lessons and installations that educate and inspire children around our community, building a vibrant future that celebrates our fascinating past. Visit Wayne-O-Rama online at www.wayne-o-rama.com , on Facebook at Wayne-O-Rama Chattanooga or by email at wayneoramacha@gmail.com.  

© 2016 Photography by Mark A Herndon.


Chattanooga Live Music,  Mark A Herndon, certified professional geologist and professional photographer grew up in Chattanooga area, graduated from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.   Supports/Promotes connecting People with Creative Arts, Music and Dance to the Chattanooga Live Music Scene by supporting local creative artists, singers, songwriters, musicians, dancers, & bands.    Media affiliation www.chattanoogan.com    Check out more atwww.facebook.com/chattanoogalivemusic   Email atMAHerndon@ChattanoogaLiveMusic.com

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