Erlanger Opening Doors On Dec. 17 For New Children's Hospital Outpatient Center

  • Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • Gail Perry

A private reception of the Outpatient Center at Children’s Hospital of Erlanger will be held Friday, ahead of the opening of the center on Dec. 17. 

“We’re ecstatic to be at this point,” Rebecca Styles, special events coordinator for the Erlanger Health System Foundations, told the Chattanooga Beer Board Thursday morning. This party will be by invitation only and is for the people who funded the hospital and made it happen, she said.

It is an adult only event and Black Tie Affair will be serving. With the small crowd of about 300 people, the servers, aided by two off-duty Chattanooga police officers and two security guards from Walden Security, expect no trouble.

An open house will be held Sunday from noon until 3 p.m. and a ribbon cutting will be on the following Tuesday, Dec. 11.  Both events will be an opportunity for the community to see the facility.

Gina Bennett, owner of Sing It or Wing It, 410 Market St., was approved for a consumer beer permit at the last Beer Board meeting that was held on Nov. 15. At the Dec. 6 meeting, she received a carry-out license that will enable the business to also sell beer over the counter in the form of six-packs or growlers.

Silhouette’s Bikini Sports Bar & Grill, 1401 E. 23rd St., is changing ownership. Jesse Raymond Kinsey, Jr. is buying the business from his daughter, who is moving out of the state. He told the board that for the last six years he had been making all decisions and running the adult entertainment establishment. He now wishes to put the business into his own name. He confirmed to Assistant City Attorney Keith Reisman that he is aware of what can and cannot be done at that type of business. No person under the age of 21 is allowed inside. Mr. Kinsey was given a consumer beer permit in his name.

The name and the ownership are also changing at Ridgedale Corner Market, 1207 Dodds Ave. The store is expected to open in about a week. It was described by owner Victor Idlette as “a little neighborhood store,” selling food, chips, drinks and beer. He sees his role as doing what a proprietor should do, and said he would check all IDs and keep it extremely clean. Because he has had no prior experience selling beer, he was encouraged by the board to get professional training. Mr. Idlette was unanimously approved for a consumer/carryout beer license.

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