Glass Street Lounge Gets New Penalty After Man Spotted Walking Drunk In The Street Nearby

Thursday, March 1, 2018 - by Gail Perry

The owner of Glass Street Lounge, 2302 Glass St., appeared before the Chattanooga Beer Board Thursday morning for the charge of over-serving a customer on Dec.10, 2017. Chattanooga Police went to the bar in response to an anonymous tip that a person with seven outstanding warrants was there. That person was arrested and, when leaving, Officer Dustin Harwood noticed a man going out the door and walking down the center of the street. He told the officer he lived nearby so Officer Harwood let him continue home with the warning to get on the sidewalk.

He was acting like an intoxicated person, said Officer Harwood, with eyes not fully open and slurred speech. After multiple warnings about getting out of the street, the man was eventually arrested. He told police that he had been drinking at Glass Street Lounge from 1 in the afternoon until he was seen leaving at 10:25 p.m.


Two officers made an attempt to deliver a citation to the bar for the first meeting in February, but the clerk at the business refused the warrant. Chattanooga Officer John Collins with the Chattanooga Beer Board eventually delivered it on the second attempt causing a delay in the hearing.


Tyrone Brumfield, owner of the bar, was not there that night, yet he denied that the man had come out of his establishment, and that the bar was at fault for over-serving him.  He said he had a notarized statement from the man claiming he did not come from the bar. Brumfield also said he could have bought alcohol at a nearby convenience store, or because his bar allows brown bagging, his bartenders would not know he was incapacitated.


“You weren’t there, you’re just saying what you heard,” said Board Member Christopher Keene. The sworn statement that the man came from your bar came from a police officer and the man admitted drinking there, said board member Dan Mayfield. Brown-bagging is covered by the beer permit and its regulations, said Officer Collins. An intoxicated person is not allowed on the premises, according to city code, said the city attorney.


Glass Street Lounge had been penalized by the Beer Board just nine months ago for the failure to report a disorder, resulting in a 12-day suspension, and the bar was given a three-day suspension in 2014 for storing liquor illegally. The Beer Board unanimously voted for a seven-day suspension for the over-serving violation. It will begin March 8. Not liking the decision, Mr. Brumfield left the podium saying he would appeal it to Chancery Court.


Three new beer licenses were approved at the Thursday meeting. Alimentari, 801 Chestnut St., is one of the businesses which have been located around the new Westin Hotel in order to create a vibrant atmosphere in the area and cater to the hotel’s customers. The restaurant and bar already has a consumer beer permit, and on Thursday also applied for and received a caterer’s permit. Every weekend, as part of the West Village project, 8th Street is closed and food and beer trucks are set up. Another caterer has been used until Alimentary got the new beer permit.


Hindsight 20/20 is opening at 2438 Rossville Blvd., previously the location of Frankie’s Place, which operated there since 1996 until it closed last year. The small bar has the occupancy of only 30-40 people including employees. The owner, Wendy Shipley, was approved for a new consumer beer license.


A new Publix grocery store slated to open March 14 at 7326 McCutcheon Rd. was unanimously approved for a license to sell carry-out beer. The board praised the training and procedures in place to prevent underage sales at the grocery chain, which employs secret shoppers to test the cashiers each month. The cash registers also require dates to be entered at the point of sale before it will go through, said District Manager Nicholas Churillo.


Three special events were approved for beer permits at the Thursday meeting. St. Paddy’s Party on the Parkway will be held outside and inside The Honest Pint at 35 Patten Parkway. The fifth annual St. Patrick Day celebration will benefit Chattanooga’s Kids on the Block and SoundCorps. The event is a ticketed, child-friendly music festival with 15 local bands. There will also be sidewalk buskers, a kid’s zone and a parade.  It will be held on Saturday, March 17, from noon until midnight outside and until 2 a.m. inside.  Music will begin at 3 p.m. Chatterbox and CJ’s Tacos will sell food and various vendors will be set up. Around 1,200 people are expected.


Chattanooga Cares will hold the 23rd annual Strides of March on March 24 from noon until 2 p.m. It will be held on River Street at Renaissance Park. This is a fundraiser to assist and support people impacted with HIV and Hepatitis C. It is estimated that 150 people will attend the event that will be catered by Chatterbox. Beer will be served by Heaven and Ale. A ticket will buy three drinks and no more is allowed after that, said Cory Howard, spokesman from Chattanooga Cares.


Skyuka Hall will hold a fundraiser called Skyuka Hall Trivia Night at the Family Justice Center, 5705 Uptain Road, on March 10 from 6-10 p.m. The small school is located at the back of the old Four Squares and is for children with learning differences. The school started one year ago and in the year since has grown from 30 to 90 students. Around 160 people are expected.

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