Pat Benson: Pulling Up For 3

Friday, November 8, 2019 - by Pat Benson
Pat Benson
Pat Benson

Some weeks in the sports calendar are a drag. Most notably when ESPN airs the ESPY’s in mid-July. Luckily, we’re flush with solid matchups and intriguing storylines this time of year. So rather than focus on just one story this week, I’m pulling up for 3.

Kurt Suzuki MAGA

During the Nationals World Series Parade, Kurt Suzuki threw on a MAGA cap and received a weird back hug from President Trump.

I think it’s lame when fans scream about athletes’ political views or even worse, tell them to “shut up and dribble”. 

Whether it’s Lebron James and Abby Wambach, or someone on the other end of political spectrum, I like knowing whether athletes stand politically. And if they don’t want to disclose their ideology, that’s fine too. I’m petty, so it makes it easier for me to know who I’m rooting for on the field or court. Good for Suzuki being honest about his support for President Trump, but good luck in the locker room with your teammates who skipped the ceremony.

Hawk’s Collins Suspension

It was a gut punch to the Atlanta Hawks this week when the NBA suspended the high-flying John Collins for 25 games after testing positive for HGH. Collins apologized and appealed, and now the Hawks are going to have their work cut out for them until December 23rd. 16 of the 25 teams they play are projected to make the playoffs. 

Luckily, Trae Young is back from a sprained ankle and some of the veterans on the team are making their way back as well. Not to mention, Jabari Parker is enjoying a quiet resurgence in Atlanta. The Hawks are still going to make the playoffs.

Football Coaching Changes

We’re officially at that time in football season where entitled fans with no knowledge of running a major program or franchise start getting coaches fired. Every year it happens like clockwork. A team gets off to a slow start, loses some unexpected games, and injuries pile up. Before the coach knows it, he’s on Saban’s coaching staff holding a tablet.

I’m not arguing that fans are always wrong in wanting a coach fired. Sometimes it’s painfully obvious that a coaching change needs to be made. Whether it’s Willie Taggart at FSU, or a bevy of coaches on the hotseat in the NFL, sometimes the team just needs a restart. 

What I would like to see more of is accountability from the A.D.’s and G.M.’s. I think once you hire a coach, you should be married to him. He fails at his job, and secures a golden parachute-esq buyout, then you have to go with him. Entry-level employees get fired for minor mistakes, but executives can cost their school or organization millions and be untouchable. Fans shouldn’t forget who hired the coaches they scream about on weekends. 


Pat Benson has been a sideline reporter, P.A. announcer, radio personality. Tweet him at @Pat-Benson_Jr. 

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