Hagerty, Fleischmann, Trump Are Hamilton County Winners

  • Tuesday, November 3, 2020

GOP Senate candidate Bill Hagerty, long-term 3rd District Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and President Donald Trump were winners in Hamilton County in Tuesday's election.

It was a dramatic voter turnout in Hamilton County with 170,208 ballots cast out of 235,939 eligible voters. 

 In the presidential race, Democratic nominee Joe Biden had an early lead over current president Donald Trump in the county, but that lead later evaporated. The final was Trump 91,991 and Biden 75,360. Statewide, it was Trump 1,849,467 and Biden 1,139,289. Independent Jo Jorgensen received 29,806.

In the race for Lamar Alexander's vacated Senate seat, Democratic nominee Marquita Bradshaw and Republican nominee Bill Hagerty was a similar story. Ms. Bradshaw was barely ahead locally 50,898 to 50,074 in early returns. The Hagerty campaign finished ahead in Hamilton County by over 24,000 votes. Meanwhile, Mr. Hagerty received 62 percent of the vote in Tennessee as a whole. 

In the race for District 3's place in the U.S. House of Representatives, longtime Republican incumbent Chuck Fleischmann defeated Democratic challenger Meg Gorman in Hamilton County by 93,359 to 66,960.

Rep. Fleischmann said, “I am humbled to continue to serve the great people of Tennessee’s Third Congressional District. Washington liberals are working to implement their socialist agenda which includes the Green New Deal and government-run health care, but as your representative, I will continue to fight for our Tennessee conservative values which includes the right to life, defending our Second Amendment rights and supporting our law enforcement, military and veterans.” His campaign said he "has overwhelmingly won all 11 counties in Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District every time he has been on the ballot in a November general election."

Rep. Fleischmann had almost 66 percent to 34 percent overall for Ms. Gorman. It was Fleischmann 215,318 to Gorman 97,510. 


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 23,053 67.30%
Meg Gorman Democratic 10,453 30.52%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 525 1.53%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 223 0.65%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 10,039 83.69%
Meg Gorman Democratic 1,715 14.30%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 172 1.43%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 69 0.58%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 10,040 83.07%
Meg Gorman Democratic 1,780 14.73%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 175 1.45%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 91 0.75%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 93,359 56.99%
Meg Gorman Democratic 66,960 40.87%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 2,631 1.61%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 869 0.53%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 17,703 80.45%
Meg Gorman Democratic 3,735 16.97%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 372 1.69%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 194 0.88%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 16,103 80.78%
Meg Gorman Democratic 3,371 16.91%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 313 1.57%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 147 0.74%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 6,563 84.39%
Meg Gorman Democratic 1,048 13.48%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 108 1.39%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 58 0.75%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 6,482 80.81%
Meg Gorman Democratic 1,391 17.34%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 103 1.28%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 45 0.56%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 18,872 76.44%
Meg Gorman Democratic 5,191 21.02%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 430 1.74%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 197 0.80%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 6,979 87.96%
Meg Gorman Democratic 807 10.17%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 97 1.22%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 51 0.64%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 6,125 83.49%
Meg Gorman Democratic 1,059 14.44%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 108 1.47%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 44 0.60%


Chuck Fleischmann Republican 215,318 67.32%
Meg Gorman Democratic 97,510 30.49%
Amber L. Hysell Independent 5,034 1.57%
Keith Douglas Sweitzer Independent 1,988 0.62%


Mr. Hagerty, a former U.S. ambassador who touted his support from Donald Trump, proclaimed victory early.

He said, “Thank you to the voters of Tennessee for your trust and confidence in me. It’s a true honor to serve this state we call home. Tonight, the people of Tennessee chose Tennessee values, conservative values, over socialism. America is the most exceptional nation in the world - a nation that rewards hard work and ingenuity - and Tennessee is its most exceptional state. I will work alongside Senator Blackburn to make sure every Tennessean has the same opportunity to live out the American dream. I will stand up for our freedoms; freedom of religion, of speech, our second amendment rights and most importantly, the right to life. I will fight for a prosperous America for everyone, and I’ll fight to keep every Tennessean - and every American - safe and secure.”

The Hagerty total was 1,837,940 with Ms. Bradshaw receiving 1,036,661.

You can watch Mr. Hagerty’s remarks  HERE.

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