Police Blotter: Man In Older Green Explorer Steals Buggy Load Of Shrimp; Man Finally Caught On To Gift Card Scam On 3rd Try

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Police responded to a vandalism at a residence on S. Orchard Knob Ave. Officers arrived on the scene and spoke to the victim. He said he was upstairs when he heard yelling coming from outside. As he came outside he saw a young black female throw a rock through his front window. He said he did not know the female and that he could not state why she would break his window. After talking to multiple people at the scene officers were told that the female's name was Alexia, but no one could give a last name. 

* * *

A woman on Sawyer Street said her neighbor continues to move her city garbage can about 10 feet from where she puts it out.

The unknown neighbor was not at home. 

* * *

A woman on Sylvan Drive said a female had come to her house, claiming to be with a company called Pharmacy Wholesale. She said the female's name was Destiny Orokotna. She said she let the female into her home, and had given her some personal information. After she left, she thought it was weird. She just wanted to make a report of the incident. 

* * *

An officer working an extra job at Walmart on Gunbarrel Road was alerted by a Walmart associate that there was a potential shoplifting in progress. The officer found the female in question and she was detained as she was observed skip scanning merchandise at the self checkout. She was brought to the back office and was found to have skip scanned $26.23 worth of merchandise. She was very apologetic and said it was an honest mistake. Walmart chose not to prosecute and allowed her to purchase the items that were not scanned. 

* * *

A man at W. Main Street Court called 911 about his female friend. He had walked to her apartment, but she had not exited. He said he heard crying and moaning and became concerned for her well-being. He believed an ex-boyfriend was in the apartment and could have hurt her. Officers approached the apartment and made contact with the woman, who answered the door in a bath towel and covered in water. Officers cleared the apartment and determined she was alone and unharmed. She said she was in the shower and could not hear anyone at the door. When asked about the crying and moaning, she said she had gotten sick to her stomach earlier. 

* * *

A woman on Clayton Drive said she needed to have her refrigerator repaired and has a service contract through Lowe's. She said she called what she believed to be the service provider and spoke with a male who has a thick Asian accent. She said that he required her credit card number and told her it would cost $495.. She said she told him that she has a service agreement through Lowe's. She says he was insistent that she give him a credit card number and the security number on the back of the card. She said she gave him that information and now feels as though she has been scammed.

* * *

Police encountered a black male on top of the Market Street Bridge dancing and taking selfies. Officers ordered the male down at which time he quickly climbed down and left the scene on a bicycle. Officers searched the nearby area for him but were unable to locate him.

* * *

Police dealt with a False Pretenses/Swindle/Confidence Game at a residence on Traditions Drive. A man said he purchased a new Hewitt Packard printer and took it home to install. He said that installation required Internet access. He said he was led to 123HP.com. He said as he tried to install the drivers the website told him that an error which corrupted his software had occurred and he needed to call Mr. Newton. He said a male claiming to be Jordan Cunningham with a thick Asian accent answered. He said "Cunningham" told him that in order to overcome the errors he made, he needed to go and purchase five $200 gift cards and enter the numbers on the website. He said he complied and, when entering the gift card numbers, the Asian told him that he had made an error and would have to purchase five more gift cards at $100 each to re-enter those card numbers.
The man again complied. He said the Asian man again told him he made mistakes and would have to get another $1,500 in gift cards to continue. The man said this is when he realized he had been scammed.

* * *

At the Fresh Market on Gunbarrel Road, the store manager said a white male in his mid 50s walked out of the store with a buggy of items without paying. He had loaded up the buggy with around 12 boxes of frozen shrimp that retail for around $30, depending on weight. The man then entered an older green Ford Explorer with a broken rear window that had black tape around it.

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Mobile Home Damaged By Fire Off Dayton Boulevard

Fire officials said a smoke detector saved a Hixson woman’s life when her mobile home caught fire early this morning, waking her up and allowing her to escape. It happened at 4:17 a.m. on Saturday at Smitty's Trailer Park on Smitty's Circle off Dayton Boulevard. Responding units found the trailer fully involved. They quickly had the fire under control. The resident ... (click for more)

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