Scott Allen Named Administrator Of Elections For Hamilton County

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2021
  • Joseph Dycus

Scott Allen is now administrator of elections, after the Election Commission voted to remove the “interim” part of his title. Mr. Allen has been serving in that role since Kerry Steelman was fired in September.

“I think with Scott, staff believes he can help fulfill the very important requirements needed to keep this very important process moving forward,” Commissioner Jerry Summers said. “I move that Mr. Allen’s temporary status be moved to permanent administrator status.”

“I would be honored to accept the job,” Mr. Allen said.

Chairman Mike Walden said he fully supported promoting Mr. Allen, but also said he preferred to take the matter under advisement, so the Commission could “dot their I’s and cross their T’s” before making it official. Commissioner Summers argued with him, saying that if the Commission wanted to promote him, then they should vote to promote Mr. Allen.

“I think we’re all in agreement that Scott would be our choice,” Chairman Walden said. “But it wasn’t on our agenda, and I know several of us have been contacted about the process and how we’re going to do it. I’ve been very cautious.”

“Well with all due respect, let’s do it before we get any political interference from any other legislators. For me it’s time to move forward,” Commissioner Summers said.

The Commission voted unanimously to promote Scott Allen to a permanent position as the administrator of elections.

Mr. Allen is the grandson of a former election administrator, Bud Knowles.

He has over 20 years of election experience. He served as the Assistant Administrator for the Hamilton County Election Commission for 10 years prior to becoming the Interim Administrator.

Commissioners Ruth Braly and Diane Meadows said, “Mr. Allen was in charge of the November 2020 election in Hamilton County, which saw both unique challenges during the pandemic and the highest turnout in history. He oversaw the office with great leadership during these unprecedented times. The office has a great team in place that works very well together, and we see no reason Mr. Allen should not be chosen for this position permanently.”

Mr. Allen said he intends to carry on the longstanding tradition of bipartisan leadership at the office. “I have served under some wonderful administrators that represented both parties. I have taken a little bit of knowledge from all of them. I appreciate the confidence the commission has in me, and I am truly honored to serve in the role of administering elections for the citizens of Hamilton County.”

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