Political Antics That Show Fear And Desperation

  • Sunday, January 16, 2022

Nikki Fried is no household name but that’s about to change. Her praises will ring from Morning Joe to the late night talk shows. The women of The View will gush over her as she dominates social media and the covers of magazines. Billionaires will give her obscene amounts of cash while demanding campaign spending limits on the rest of us.

Nikki Fried is the latest construct of the left as they try to unseat Florida Governor Ron De Santis. Progressives questioned the governor’s recent absence implying some sinister motive only to learn his wife underwent cancer treatment.

Ms Fried, age 44, in her first interview on Florida Public radio compared De Santis to Adolf Hitler. In the interview she claimed, “I saw the rise of Hitler.” That’s quite a trip into alternate reality as it would have been a hundred years ago.

Fried, is, in fact, an example of a version of Godwin’s Law. That’s an Internet adage which asserts as online disagreements grow longer, one side eventually invokes Nazis. Fried’s leap out the gate into comparing her opponent to Hitler reveals a campaign with little or no substance.

Her lack of ideas won’t stop De Santis’ critics as they will just double down on craziness. We saw that in Virginia recently. Critics blamed Republican Glenn Youngkin for the state’s lack of response to the I-95 snow pile up in Virginia 11 days before he became governor.

Antics like these show fear and desperation. They are desperate to hang on to power while Biden seems determined to lose it. They fear success by De Santis or Youngkin almost as much as they fear Trump and COVID. Their only hope is to frighten enough voters who won’t notice they’ve really got nothing else but Nikki Fried.

Ralph Miller

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