Disturbing News About Lincoln Park - And Response

  • Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association is greatly concerned about the rapid pace of development that is currently encircling our community. 

While we realize that the pace of growth in the city is rapidly occurring, we were startled to see an editorial in the Times Free Press that implied that plans the city of Chattanooga have for building the Central Avenue Extension through our area were not only ongoing, but are imminent. This coincides with development in other parts of the Lincoln Park corridor and along Amnicola where the historic Citico Mound once stood.

The Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association and Coalition to Save Lincoln Park & Citico is an official consulting party of the Central Avenue Extension.  We have participated in meetings to help mitigate the adverse effects the extension might have on our community and the historic Lincoln Park itself. To open up a news editorial and learn about current developments for this area was news to us, and not in the good sense of the word.

This is the ultimate sign of disregard and disrespect for our community. Because some communities are marginalized and disadvantaged doesn't mean they should be effectively disregarded and blatantly ignored while more affluent communities in the city are praised for being advocates of Not In My Back Yard!

We hope the city will stop this disparate treatment of minority communities, and in the future inform the residents of our community and active stakeholders of all future plans and developments for our area. We are entitled to the same level of respect as other communities in the city.

Tiffany Rankin

Coalition To Save Lincoln Park & Citico

* * *

How would this harm Lincoln Park? Seems very unobtrusive and would greatly benefit a large majority of the greater Chattanooga region. 


Mike Willingham

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