Johnny Bowen Given Lifesaving Certificate By Lookout Mountain, Tn., Officials; David Paschall May Be Leaving Commission

  • Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Johnny Bowen with lifesaving certificate
Johnny Bowen with lifesaving certificate

The town of Lookout Mountain, Tn., at the August commission meeting recognized Johnny Bowen, assistant public works director, for saving a life. On Aug. 2, while surveying the streets, he found a man in the middle of the road who had a head injury, was not breathing well and was unresponsive. There was no cell phone service at the location, so a passerby called 911. Mr. Bowen opened the man’s airway, stayed with him, and kept him breathing until the town’s EMTs/paramedics  arrived.

Acting Chief Duane Schermerhorn presented him with a lifesaving certificate with thanks and appreciation from the town.


Commissioner of Fire and Police Jim Bentley said that signs have now been put up warning that large trucks and no trailers will  be allowed on narrow, curving Ochs Highway.


He also said that he is being told that the new fire engine that was due to be delivered in February should be here soon.


School starts Wednesday (today) for first through fifth grades. Kindergarten will be phased in. School will  start out the year with an armed security officer five days each week provided by the Hamilton County School Board. Chiefs Schermerhorn and Dale Taylor have met with the teachers, many of whom are new, to reassure them that the Lookout Mountain, Tn. Police can be at the school almost immediately. The police are impressed with the officer chosen for Lookout Mountain School, they both told the commissioners. The new security officer has been in law enforcement for 20 years in Metro Nashville. The town’s police department will always have radio contact with her for instant communication to be able to work hand in hand, the commissioners were told.  


Brooke Pippenger said that enrollment is up this year with 225-230 children. The increase is attributed to many new families on the mountain, and some will come from the “choice enrollment program.” She asks for drivers to watch out for an increase of children who walk to and from school and in the designated  school zones. During the summer break, the pond area in front of LMS was extended with a new stone patio and picnic tables. The area can be used for outdoor classes. Thanks was given to the PTA.


Parks and Playgrounds Commissioner David Paschall reiterated that Commons Camp was a success this summer. Many days this year there were 25-30 kids, he said. He gave thanks to all those who helped, especially to Gwin Tugman who puts in more hours there than anyone else.


Three new scoreboards, one for baseball, one for football and another for basketball, have arrived and will be installed in the next few days by Lawson Electric. They will be up before the September start of flag football, said the commissioner.


A record has been set with the more than 450 kids who have signed up for soccer this year. Every age group is pretty much maxed out, said Commissioner Paschall. He said that flag football registration is in the early stages now, but judging from the number registering, it looks like there will be another record number playing that sport too.


The public works department is pretty much caught up with trimming and picking up brush, said Public Works Commissioner Frank Schriner. Next, they will begin working on road improvements starting with filling potholes. A second bid has been received for paving that is planned for North Bragg Avenue. Now an updated price is needed from the company that submitted the first bid. After that is received a decision will be made on the company to do the work. The town’s bucket truck is still in the shop for repairs, said the commissioner. The dumpster is on the mountain the first Saturday of each month and hours on those days are from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.  A sign will be posted informing of the times.


Mayor Walker Jones acknowledged that soon a lot of changes will be taking place in the town. Former Commissioner of Schools Brooke Pippenger, has accepted the new position of town manager. She said that she had been impressed seeing the town’s employees from the perspective of a resident and a commissioner. Now after seeing them as a co-worker, she said she is even more impressed with how hard people work and how much they care about the town and the people who live here.


There will be two new commissioners after the next meeting. Karen Leavengood will replace Ms. Pippenger and William Valdez will take the place of Frank Schriner, who chose not to run. David Paschall, commissioner of parks and playgrounds, said he may be leaving the commission because of additional responsibilities personally and with work and the lack of time to handle it all. He told the commissioners that he will make a final decision by the next meeting. “It’s frustrating because you’re great at it - a perfect fit,” and it won’t be easy to find someone to replace you, but I understand," said Mayor Jones. In the next six weeks, there will be a search for a potential replacement.


Other upcoming changes will be two new members on the Lookout Mountain school board, Julie Fisher and James Williams will join Karen Welborn. The town’s judge will also change with Stevie Phillips Persinger taking the place of Flossie Weill.


The next Lookout Mountain, Tn. Commission meeting will be held on the third Tuesday of the month, Sept. 20, at 5 p.m.








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