Downtown Sportsbarn Closing After 44-Year Run

  • Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Downtown Sportsbarn is closing at the end of the month after a 44-year run.

The property in the old streetcar barns has been sold along with the parking lot across Market Street.

The purchaser is Noon Development.

A Turning Off The Lights party will be Friday, Feb. 17.

Sportsbarn facilities on Lee Highway and in Hixson will remain open.

David Brock, Sportsbarn president, said, "It is with a heavy heart we are informing you of the closing of our downtown Sportsbarn location February 28th. Sportsbarn was founded in 1979 by Alex Guerry with the goal of creating a premier racquet club that would bring life and vitality to what was an abandoned downtown area. Over the past few decades, Sportsbarn has touched thousands of lives, including members and staff who have been part of the Sportsbarn community.

"Many members remember the days when Johnny Hennen roamed the racquetball courts winning 13 national championships and raising thousands of dollars for local charities. And of course, handball champion Scott Kelly was a touring pro ranked 7th in the world at one time. Until the pandemic, Sportsbarn hosted the annual Bud Kelly Memorial handball tournament which was considered one of the most popular handball events in the country.

"Throughout the years, the downtown Sportsbarn evolved from a racquet club to a health club offering weight training, group classes, yoga, basketball, pickleball, cycling, and many other forms of fitness.

"The common thread throughout this evolution has been the community created by our members, staff, and the countless friendships that have been formed through the decades. We hope the friendships you have made here will continue to grow and flourish.

"To all our members, both past and current, we want to thank you for your contribution to the Sportsbarn community. We also want to thank our dedicated staff, specifically Teresa Wade, Don Bowman, and our good friend the late Brian Harrison who have collectively spent over 100 years at Sportsbarn.

"Please note that while the downtown location is closing, our other two locations will continue to be open to our members. We hope you will consider joining us at one of our other locations, but if you wish to change the status of your membership, please email one of our folks mentioned below.

"While we are sad to see the downtown location close, we believe the original founders of the Sportsbarn would feel gratified to see how their racquet club has made such a positive impact on the city and the lives of so many community members.

"On behalf of Sportsbarn we wish you the best."

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