Hamilton County 4-H Announces Results Of Countywide 4-H Demonstration Contest

  • Friday, March 17, 2023
Fourth and fifth grade students across Hamilton County gathered at the UTC University Center on March 12 for the 2023 Hamilton County 4-H Demonstration Contest. More than 70 first-place winners at 4-H school and community club contests gave five-minute presentations on how to do activities related to their 4-H project areas.

First-place winners at this County contest advance to the Multi-County 4-H Demonstration Contest to be held on April 28 in Bledsoe County.

2023 Hamilton County 4-H Demonstration Contest winners of the March 12 contest are listed below:

Animal Science – Horse: 4th grade, 1st place – Tabor Simmons, North Hamilton County Elementary School (NHCES); 2nd place – Nora Herndon, Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences (CSAS).

Animal Science – Poultry: 4th grade, 1st place – Baron Hicks, Chattanooga School for Liberal Arts (CSLA).

Animal Science – Poultry: 5th grade, 1st place – Ashtyn Crawley, NHCES.

Art/Line & Design: 4th grade, 1st place – Alex Ervin, CSAS; 2nd place – Georgia Ashby, CSLA; 3rd place – Madelyn McCamish, CSAS; Additional participants – Anderson Barger-Howell, CSLA; Tilman Gillaspie, NHCES; Mark MacDonald, CSLA.

Art/Line & Design: 5th grade, 1st place – Noa Sharpe, CSAS; 2nd place – Michelle Yang, CSLA; 3rd place – tie – Dahlia Romanick, NHCES, and Maya Williams-Hale, CSAS.

Communications: 4th grade, 1st place – Zoey McIntosh, Hixson Elementary.

Communications: 5th grade, 1st place – Jayanth Siddenki, CSLA.

Companion Animal: 4th grade, 1st place – Hiram Day, CSAS; 2nd place – Greyson Cullis, CSAS; 3rd place – Shy McFadden, Hixson Elementary. Additional participant – Sophia Greene, CSLA.

Companion Animal: 5th grade, 1st place – Callie Seebach, CSLA; 2nd place – Caleb Swain CSLA.

Computers & Technology: 4th grade, 1st place – Avik Kairuppala; 2nd place – Paris Crafter, Rivermont Elementary; 3rd place – Aniyah Johnson, CSLA. Additional participant – Arhaan Jamani, CSAS.

Computers & Technology: 5th grade, 1st place – Akhil Kairuppala, CSAS.

Electric: 4th grade, 1st place – Samuel Moffitt, CSAS.

Engineering: 4th grade, 1st place – Andrew Laymon, CSAS.

Engineering: 5th grade, 1st place – Connor Purvis, CSL;. 2nd place – Christopher Payne, CSAS; 3rd place – Nina Adamovic, CSAS. Additional participant – Levi Hullender, CSLA.

Environmental Science & Conservation: 4th grade, 1st place – Auden Shaw, CSAS; 2nd place – Praseeda Bathi, 4-H Gardening Club.

Entomology: 4th grade, 1st place – Jace Heitmeier, CSAS.

Food Science: 4th grade, 1st place – Amelia Martin, CSAS; 2nd place – Jack Haberkorn, CSLA; 3rd place – Iris Hamby, CSLA.

Food Science: 5th grade, 1st place – Nathan Kirby, CSLA; 2nd place – Maria Schatz, Rivermont Elementary.

Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries: 4th grade, 1st place – Jai-ya Vaughn, CSAS.

Leadership/Personal Development: 4th grade, 1st place – Beau Brandon, CSLA; 2nd place – Quinn Thomsen, Rivermont Elementary.

Leadership/Personal Development: 5th grade, 1st place – Auburn Harris, NHCES; 2nd place – Stanley Obal, CSLA.

Nutrition, Health & Fitness: 4th grade, 1st place – Juelz Mathis, CSAS.

Nutrition, Health & Fitness: 5th grade, 1st place – Sevon Atkins, CSLA; 2nd place – Angela Cox, Rivermont Elementary.

Performing Arts: 4th grade, 1st place – Audrey Clark, CSAS; 2nd place – Ti’Jerria Woodruff-Mason, CSLA.

Performing Arts: 5th grade, 1st place – Digvi Bhatt, CSLA; 2nd place – Demitrius Davis, CSAS; 3rd place – Jack Dalton, CSLA; Additional participants – Madison Caldwell, CSLA; Amelia Holzmacher, CSLA; Cameron Purvis, CSLA.

Photography: 4th grade, 1st place – Sara Millbank, CSAS.

Photography: 5th grade, 1st place – Emma Rowland, Rivermont Elementary.

Plant Science: 4th grade, 1st place – Ravi Kumbhaj, CSAS.

Plant Science: 5th grade, 1st place – Ellie Avelis, 4-H Gardening Club; 2nd place – Walker Childers, CSAS.

Recreation: 4th grade, 1st place – Jackson Kile, CSAS; 2nd place – Iva Wilson, CSLA.

Recreation: 5th grade, 1st place – Sarithra Navaneethakrishnan, CSLA; 2nd place – Victoria Averill, NHCES; 3rd place – Timothy Shropshire, Rivermont Elementary.

Veterinary Science: 4th grade, 1st place – Adeline Ham, CSAS.

Veterinary Science: 5th grade, 1st place – Ruby Quattrochi, CSLA.

4-H programs in Hamilton County are provided by staff of the University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University Extension Office for Hamilton County. All Hamilton County youth in grades fourth through 12th are welcome to join 4-H at any time, and there is no cost to join. More information on 4-H is available at the Extension Office website Hamilton.Tennessee.edu.
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