Samantha Brown Finds Much To Enjoy In Scenic City

  • Wednesday, March 29, 2023
  • Jerry Summers

The 30-minute documentary by a renowned traveler on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) that aired on Sunday on WTCI was professionally done and portrayed the Gig City in a very favorable light. It should add to the appeal to visit our city by any tourist or potential new resident.

It began with a commentary on the positive aspect of accessibility to many of our local attractions by individuals who might have some disability.

Trips to many of the unique places in the Chattanooga area such as the Hunter Art Museum, Walnut Street Bridge, Reflection Riding, Tennessee Aquarium, Rock City, etc. were all presented in an appealing way to attract new visitors to the Scenic City.

The most unique revelation to many, including locals, would be the Towing Museum on Broad Street that features tow truck inventor Ernest Holmes, among many others. Although not as well known as some other historical sites covered in the half hour production, it has now been revealed as an additional place to visit in Choo Choo City. The only negative part presented was that Chattanooga is no longer the railroad center that was once the main hub in the South prior to the rise to dominance of the airlines and tractor trailer industry.

Ms. Brown in her usual professional manner seemed to thoroughly enjoy her visit to the various parts of town.

From her consumption of a Clumpies ice cream cone to a catfish sandwich at Uncle Larrys on Martin Luther King Boulevard, the special was only marred by her failure to reach the top rung at the High Point Climbing and Fitness Facility.

Who knows? She might come back to do a second documentary on other attractions such as Ruby Falls, the Incline Railway, Civil War Battlefields, Lookout Mountain, Creative Discovery Museum, Hang Gliding, Soddy Daisy, etc. and finish her upward climb.

Next time, she should be able to catch a ride on the new version of the “Choo Choo.”

(The production is only one of many locations Samantha Brown has visited at

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