Something Might Just Surprise Us All - And Response

  • Wednesday, June 7, 2023

I don’t agree with much of RFK Jr’s politics but I have seen polls lately. April 20, 14 percent of voters who supported Biden in 2020 now favor Kennedy (USA). By May 25, two polls, Real Clear Politics and CNN had RFK at 20 percent. Even more astounding, Democrat Marianne Williams was at 9 percent (Politico).

FOX News’ liberal on The Five, Jessica Tarlov, said she “knows of no one who is supporting RFK Jr.” Like most progressives, Tarlov lives in an echo chamber in lockstep with party rulers’ views. So it should be of no surprise she wouldn’t hear of support for RFK. Despite their inclusion bravado, party rulers don’t want mavericks.

Now with their potential nominee referred to as an “uncontrolled gaffe machine,” polling poorly, they may be rethinking Joe running next year. There’s 17 months left for him to find more stairs and sandbags. He can avoid questions with silly grins and his press secretary can spin only so many bemusing fables. Even his media sycophants may eventually run out of excuses for him.

Meanwhile Gavin Newsom is like a caged tiger, RFK ain’t going away, Hillary craves the Oval O where Bill once cavorted and perhaps the fortune teller sees something while gazing in her crystal ball that might just surprise us all.

Ralph Miller

* * * 

Interesting points by Mr. Miller on the 24 election. I myself think there will be many surprises in the next 17 months.

1. The Republican Convention could very well end up being a brokered one for the first time in I don't know how many years. Trump has a ceiling of the high 30s and no other candidate approaches that with the exception of DeSantis somewhere in the 20s. I don't see any non Trump candidate releasing his or her voters to Trump. So it could be a long night in Milwaukee.  And this is assuming Trump isn't convicted by then.

2. If RFK JR continues to surge in the polling the Democrats will throw Moron under the bus in a NY second. Then they really have a conundrum. Kamala has proven herself completely unqualified to lead a one car funeral, much less the country. But heaven forbid the Dems turn on a black candidate. So who's next up, Bernie. 

If there was ever a year that a non traditional or even 3rd party candidate could win it's 24. I predict 24 will make the 1968 election look like a walk in the park. I would even go so far to predict neither Biden or Trump will be their party's candidate. Hope so anyway.

Douglas Jones

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