Jodi Schaffer Is The Best Choice For District 7 School Board

  • Monday, February 19, 2024

In politics, one thing you don’t often see from me are long, formal endorsement posts. Many might just see me as a local political staffer or campaign volunteer, but, as much as I care about that aspect of my life, it ranks relatively low on my priority list. First and foremost, I’m a Christian. Secondly, my family, both blood-related and close friends, takes precedence. Third comes my community and county, where I’m constantly working to make the best for everyone.

Fourth is my work in politics - it’s my passion.

Being a public school student, I often see overlaps, but it’s primarily in the school board where my work in politics/community and my role as a public school student coincide. I love our public schools: the community they foster, the connections and opportunities they provide to students, and our amazing - and, in my opinion, often overlooked - teachers and administrators.

It brings me great confidence to say that my friend Jodi Schaffer shares this love for our schools. Not only does she love them, but as a public school parent, she is actively involved in the system and already striving to make it better. Jodi shares life priorities similar to mine; she’s not running as the pawn of a particular agenda or group - something few can claim these days. She’s running because she cares about her community, her neighbors, and our schools. Not only is Jodi an active parent, but she is also a practicing lawyer. Being a lawyer involves a steady amount of business dealings, so Jodi understands the value of a dollar, an asset when working with our school system’s budget, composed of our tax dollars.

This is Jodi’s home, the community she’s been involved in forever, the area where she and her family have displayed the servant leadership she will show as a school board member.

As a 16-year-old public school student, my interactions with Mrs. Schaffer have always been positive. She speaks with grace and has been a proactive listener.

Based on both personal and professional experiences, I am proud to endorse my good friend Jodi Schaffer to serve as the District 7 School Board representative. I can confidently say that not only are you “Safer With Schaffer,” but you are safest with her.

Please join me in supporting Jodi Schaffer for the 7th District School Board.

Early voting is ongoing, and Election Day is on the fifth of March. Go vote. 

Ryan Jenkins

Soddy Daisy

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