McCallie Middle School Tennis Tops Dalton

  • Monday, March 4, 2024

At McCallie, the Blue Tornado swept the doubles and the singles to defeat the Dalton Catamounts 9-0 in middle school tennis. Winners were Campbell Naggar, Rhys Coleman, Stone Caputo, Calvin Caputo, AJ Gupta, Vikranth Basava and Ayan Chakraborty.

McCalie is now 1-2, and Dalton is 4-1.

The McCallie B team defeated the Dalton B team 7-0. Winning in singles and doubles was Whit Higney and Findley Beasley. Asher Kean, Zoan von Schultz and Isaiah Mills won in singles, andTarek Ankar-Burdette and Tucker Posey won in doubles.

The individual results of the match were as follows:

McCallie 9 Dalton 0


  1. Campbell Naggar (M) defeated Ethan Smith (D) 8-4

  2. Rhys Coleman (M) defeated Sawyer Gazaway (D) 8-5

  3. Sone Caputo (M) defeated Jing Zhou (D) 8-3

  4. Calvin Caputo (M) defeated Jack redding (D) 8-3

  5. AJ Gupta (M) defeated Roman Jones (D) 8-1

  6. Vikranth Basava (M) defeated Daniel Baxter (D) 8-3


  1. Rhys Coleman-Ayan Chakraborty (M) defeated Smith-Gazaway (D) 8-6

  2. Stone Caputo-AJ Gupta (M) defeated Redding-Jones (D) 8-0

  3. Vikranth Basava-Calvin Caputo (M) defeated Zhou-Baxter (D) 8-3

McCallie B Team 7 Dalton B Team 0


  1. Whit Higney (M) defeated Jacob Meza (D) 8-3

  2. Findley Beasley (M) defeated Kingston Lavendar (D) 8-2

  3. Asher Kean (M) defeated Brycen Godfey (D) 8-4

  4. Zoan von Schultz (M) defeated Israel Gutierrez (D) 8-0

  5. Isaiah Mills (M) defeated Zaerion Philpott (D) 8-3


  1. Whit Higney-Findley Beasley (M) defeated Lavender-Meza (D) 8-2

  2. Tarek Ankar-Burdette-Tucker Posey (M) defeated Godfrey-Gutierrez (D) 8-1

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