The Upper Cumberland Pickle Festival Set For May 4

  • Thursday, April 25, 2024

The ATMS Pickle Club is hosting the region’s second Upper Cumberland Pickle Festival on May 4, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., with the help of the Big Dill Sponsor, Select Designs Screenprinting & Embroidery.

The Pickle Festival will take place on the Avery Trace Middle School Sports Fields, where one can expect pickle food trucks, pickle vendors, pickle products, pickle music, pickle merchandise, pickle art, pickle games, pickle prizes, pickle brine drinking competition, pickle eating competitions, pickle tasting, an exclusive meet and greet with Pickle the GOAT (the official mascot of the ATMS Pickle Club) and Pickle the GOAT’s kid (born this year) Baby Gherkin the GOAT, and much, much more.

Over 50 vendors have signed up to take part this year. This year, festival-goers will be able to vote on pickle products, nominating the Best of the Pickle Fest in the three categories of sweet, savory, and non-edible.

Officials said, "Last year, we saw over 3,000 people attend, and we collectively managed to raise just over $12,000 for the much needed cause of the Avery Trace Middle School sports field upgrade initiative. That is some serious pickle power! However, our work is not done, because we did not get quite enough to finish the needed upgrades."

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