Blalock, Harris In Runoff To Oppose Marjorie Taylor Greene; Colton Moore Wins GOP Primary

  • Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Clarence Blalock
Clarence Blalock
Two Democrats will meet in a June 18 primary for the right to oppose incumbent Marjorie Taylor Greene for the Georgia District 14 House seat.

In the State Senate District 53 race, incumbent Coilton Moore defeated Angela Pence 15,681 to 6,581.

The senator from Dade County, who calls himself the most conservative senator in the state, will face Democrat Bart Alexander Bryant, who got 2,424 votes.

Greene was unopposed in the Republican primary and pulled in 56,892 votes.

On the Democratic side, Clarence Blalock got 6,997 votes and Shawn "General" Harris had 6,870.
Deric Houston had 2,625 and Joseph Leigh 1,653.

Candidate Blalock said earlier, "
I’m running for the U.S. House because I’m sick of seeing our district in the news for all the wrong reasons. The incumbent, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is at the center of our nation’s dysfunction.

"MTG was a key instigator of the January 6th attack against our country and will try again if re-elected.

"The key to removing her from office and keeping President Biden in the White House is to turn out Democrats in our district. When we vote, we win."

After 40 years of military service, Shawn Harris retired as an Army Brigadier General. He and his wife Karla have five children and four grandchildren. They live in Rockmart, Georgia, where together they run their first-generation grass-fed cattle farm, and Karla works as a family doctor.

Senator Colton said in a statement, "I am proud to announce that we have won last night’s Republican Primary Election. This victory is not just mine; it belongs to each and every one of you who stood by me, who volunteered their time, who shared our message, and who voted for our conservative America-First values.

"Together, we have shown that the spirit of true conservatism is alive and well in Northwest Georgia. As your Senator, I pledge to continue fighting for what is best for the people of Georgia. I will keep fighting for the principles that matter most to us: protecting our economy, defending our Bill of Rights, preserving the innocence of our children, and securing our southern border.

"I will stand up to the RINO establishment and the radical Democrats who seek to destroy our way of life. When the corrupt Fulton County District Attorney came after President Donald J. Trump and 19 others, I stood strong and demanded accountability. I will continue to do whatever it takes to protect our citizens.

"I want to thank my family for their unwavering support throughout this campaign. To the volunteers who tirelessly worked to spread our message and mobilize voters, your dedication has been the backbone of this campaign. Thank you for your commitment to our fight.

"To the voters of Northwest Georgia, thank you for placing your trust in me. You have delivered a resounding message that we will not stand idly by while our economy is destroyed, our constitutional rights are legislated away, our children are corrupted, and our southern border is left wide open. You have shown that we will not tolerate corruption and complacency in our government.

"This victory is just the beginning. There is much work to be done, and I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work on behalf of the people of Northwest Georgia. Together, we will drain the swamp, restore integrity to our government, and ensure that our voices are heard."


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