Around $16,000 In Stolen Merchandise Recovered After Pursuit On April 29

  • Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Samaiyah Ray
Samaiyah Ray

Two people were arrested on April 29, after a high-speed chase ended on I-75. Warrants have been issued for a third person.

During the stop, Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies observed several large bags of merchandise with sale tags and anti-theft devices attached inside the vehicle to which occupants were not able to provide proof of purchase. Due to the occupant’s inability to prove the purchase of the items and the likelihood that the items had been stolen, the merchandise was secured inside of the vehicle.

On April 29, HCSO detectives in Investigative Services’ Property Crimes Unit were assigned to the case to determine if the merchandise inside the vehicle was stolen.

On May 2, the lead investigating detective working with the regional security manager for Kohls Department Store was able to determine many of the items were stolen from three stores, two in Hamilton County and one in Douglasville, Ga. In total, approximately $6,000 worth of items were stolen from stores in Hamilton County and approximately $9,000 worth of items were stolen from the Douglasville store.

Whether in this county or traveling through, the HCSO will not tolerate individuals who commit crimes and flee from law enforcement. I am proud of the never-ceasing efforts and commitment of our deputies and detectives in the detection and prevention of crime. The HCSO is committed to leading the way in assisting our law enforcement partners in the apprehension of criminals across Hamilton County or across state lines,” said Sheriff Austin Garrett.

Samaiyah Ray and Angelique Grant have been charged with theft of property (over $2,500), theft of property (over $2,500), burglary, possession of burglary tools, and criminal conspiracy.

Warrants have been taken out for the arrest of Miyoshi Flowers for theft of property (over $2,500), theft of property (over $2,500), burglary, possession of burglary tools, and criminal conspiracy.

Additional meetings have taken place with other store representatives and approximately $1,300 worth of merchandise was found to have been stolen from a Target store. Additional items totaling approximately $300 were found to have also been stolen from the Burlington Store located in Chattanooga on Highway 153.

In relation to the thefts from Target and Burlington stores, all three women will be charged with theft of property (over $1000), burglary, theft of property (under $1000), and burglary.

As the investigation continues, additional charges may be pending.

To date, the total recovered amount of merchandise for all locations has totaled approximately $16,700.

In addition to the aforementioned charges, the driver, Samaiyah Ray, was charged with the following in connection with the vehicle pursuit:

  • Seat belt law violation
  • Speeding
  • Evading arrest
  • Reckless driving
  • Resisting arrest
  • Driving on revoked

Ms. Flowers is currently wanted on outstanding warrants regarding this investigation.

Angelique Grant
Angelique Grant
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