Red Bank Swimmers Bounce Back With Big Win

Gators Execute Well In Victory Over Cumberland

  • Thursday, June 20, 2024
  • John Hunt

The Red Bank Gators may have turned a big corner in their home swim meet with the Cumberland Currents Thursday evening.

Red Bank lost its first meet of the season at Big Ridge on Monday as several key swimmers were missing and the Gators made more than their share of silly mistakes.

Veteran Red Bank coach Ken Buchanan has worked with other Red Bank coaches since that meet in an attempt to correct those mistakes.

The Gators got back on the winning track with a 481-298 win in their latest meet, but more importantly, the Red Bank swimmers took to heart what was being taught and perhaps had one of their most impressive meets of the summer as a result.

“I’m about to starve,” Buchanan said while getting his swimmers in place for the last few events, including the all-important freestyle relays.

“We still had some kids missing, but the key ones were here.  The biggest thing for us is that they actually applied what we’ve been working on since Monday.  There are times when they don’t pick up on stuff right off, but they put it all into action tonight and that made a huge difference.

“We have a lot of fun on this team and every member has a role to play.  And I’m so proud of the young ones as they continue to come along, but Monday is the big one when we face Big Ridge for the third time with first place in the division on the line,” Buchanan nodded.

Buchanan has been the Red Bank coach since 1986 and has had a really successful career since that time.  Red Bank city officials honored him when they named the pool after him in 2016.

While Buchanan has been coaching at Red Bank a really long time, Julie Thornburg has been on the deck at Cumberland longer than that, this being her 44th summer.

Like Buchanan, she’s never coached anywhere else and loves working with the youngest kids more than anything.

“I have a lot of little ones this year and today’s meet is the first one for some of them ever,” she said while taking a brief break while the swimming continued.

“We’ve had better participation this summer than in recent years as we have just over 100 kids on our roster.  We just want them to show up and do their best.  If they do that, it’s been a win all the way around.

“We’re teaching life skills here and stuff like how to be a good teammate.  I’ve never coached anywhere other than Cumberland and it’s still a lot of fun for me.  When the day comes that it is no longer fun, that’s when I’ll hang my whistle up,” Thornburg said with a smile.

Addilyn Mayo, Noah Blake, Audrey Mayo and Madelaine Ellis all scored 19 points for Red Bank while Luke Blake, Allie West and Jem Robertson all followed with 17 each.

Zach Schurr and Jillian Schuster both maxed out with 19 points for Cumberland while Kymiri Turner had 17 and Carter Young 14.

While Red Bank will host Big Ridge on Monday, Cumberland will also be at home to host Cleveland.

While Red Bank improved to 5-1 with Thursday’s win, other meet winners included Ooltewah and Big Ridge.  The Tidal Waves remained unbeaten with a 450-329 win at Signal Mountain while the Raiders defeated Cleveland on the road by a 408-360 final.



19 – Zach Schurr, Jillian Schuster

17 – Kymiri Turner

14 – Carter Young

13 – James Chatard, David Davenport

11 – Ingrid Michael.


19 – Addilyn Mayo, Noah Blake, Audrey Mayo, Madelaine Ellis

17 – Luke Blake, Allie West, Jem Robertson

15 – Arya Clinebell, Caleb Ross

14 – James Atchley, Benton Bilbrey, Adli Bowlin

13 – Ben Meagher, Caleb Grass, Maddie Grass, Lilah Blanchard

12 – Adalia Ross, Grace Martin, Avalie Bilbrey, Lily Robertson, Gage Thomas

10 – Dexter Miller, Maggie Rust, Hank Smith.


19 – Easton Daniel, Jed Holliman, Keilah Holliman

17 – Anna Boyd, Shiwoo Song, Ella Cooper, Dalynn Daniel

16 – Noah Holliman

15 – Carmyn Watkins, Gunnar Corvin

14.5 – Nora Pace, Kaci Lambeth

13 – Bryson Lake, Max Emmert, Norah Petticord

12 – Julia Leite, Luke Oliver, Luke Combs

11 – Ella Garcia

10 – Nolan Holt, Wilder Erhard, Sophie Grier.


18 – Mitchell Maedel

17 – Nissa Ruth

16 – Kaylee Greene

13 – Luke Russell, Sophie Santola

11 – Natalie Ennen, Ben Hardin, Coop Holmes

10 – Owen Isch, Jacob Greene, Scarlett Gestosani.


19 – Kate White, Quinn Young, Nathan Jungels

17 – Jade Skiba, Lander Smith, Eli Haupert

15 – Noah Keener

14 – Haley Clark, Carling Smith, Sofia Mansueto

13 – Millie Watson, Alex Guo, Benson Wright, Blakely Martin

12 – Camden Ross, Maci Haustein, May Kountz

11 – Caroline Goode, Evan Scharff

10 – Megan Gill.


19 – Elias Eldred

17 – Abigail Parrish, Kevin Curley

15 – Teddy Elliott, Addie Taubert, Reed Blackmon, Abby Anglin

14 – Palmer Blackmon, Joseph Scully

13 – Jaxon Moseley

12 – Ben Condo, Olivia Hughes

11 – Andrew Rutledge

10 – Carol Lynn Elliott.

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