Collegedale Commission To Continue To Partner With State's Criminal Integrated Justice Program

  • Friday, June 21, 2024
  • Gail Perry

Collegedale will continue to partner with the state of Tennessee for use of the state’s Criminal Integrated Justice Program. The board of commissioners was told that the city has participated in the program for the past 10 years that allows the Collegedale Police to use the state’s criminal justice portal for criminal justice activity such as crime and traffic related incidents, apprehensions and investigations, and criminal history records, among many other things. Use of the program is limited to only authorized persons. 

A service agreement with Tyler Technologies Software was approved at the Commission meeting this week. This is an agreement for software that the city will use for anything financial. It is budgeted for the upcoming fiscal year. 

The second reading and vote to amend the 2023- 2024 budget passed unanimously. That will allow money to be transferred from one appropriation to another by the financial director to account for unexpected expenditures and grants that were received during the year. 

Also passed on a final vote was an ordinance to collect a citation fee of $5 upon a plea of guilty or a judgement of guilty on traffic citations. The money that is collected will fund the electronic citation program. 

A memo of understanding was approved with the UTC Police Department that will allow UTC officers to use the Collegedale firing range, with only Commissioner Tonya Sadler voting in opposition. UTC  will join training at the firing range with multiple other agencies from the area. 

Approval was given for an amendment to the original contract between TDOT, Norfolk Southern Railroad and the city of Collegedale regarding a project for Apison Pike. City Attorney Sam Elliott said this is required for the work to take place and that it would put no obligation or risk on the city. 

The city’s financial report for May is on track, said Financial Manager Michelle Toro. She said at 92 percent of the way through the year, 98 percent of expected revenues have been received and 94 percent of expenditures have been made. 

In the reports from individual commissioners, some differences of opinions were shared. Commissioner Sadler began by reading a statement she had prepared about her discontent with City Manager Wayon Hines. She believes that he oversteps his authority and said that he forgot he works for the commissioners and not the other way around. And she believes that there is not as much development as she expected in the town and put the blame on poor management. She wanted to accept Mr. Hines’ resignation.

The motion failed for the lack of a second. Commissioner Katie Lamb said how much she appreciated the city manager, key mangers and staff, and thanked them all for the jobs they do. 

Mayor Morty Lloyd said he has been able to go to the city manager and have an open and honest dialogue and he has always found an open and receptive audience, always willing to listen, even though they have not always seen eye to eye, they have had a good relationship and he thanked Mr. Hines.

Vice Mayor Tim Johnson’s opinion is that communication needs to be improved, but he had already discussed that with Mr. Hines. He had concerns with planning commission meetings that had been cancelled by the city manager when he would be out of town, and said that Vice Mayor Michelle Toro could substitute. 

Commissioner Debbie Baker said she has always been able to come to the city manger and talk. And she feels she has been able to voice opinions to him in a manner of integrity and respect for each other. She said the commissioners and city manager is a check and balance relationship, not an “us” versus “you” arrangement, and that they are both on the same team. If you don’t think you can do that, she said, that person needs to remove themself.

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