Construction Underway On The First "Luxury Container Home" In Chattanooga

  • Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Christi Homar Design, LLC and LHD Investments, LLC have teamed up to construct the first container home in Hamilton County inside the Chattanooga city limits.

The first of three is located in the Southside area off East Main Street. Construction is well underway on the 40-foot cube home consisting of seven containers and boasts 2,000 square feet. This ecofriendly build has a “green” roof and comes equipped with an elevator, officials said.

Christi of Christi Homar Design, LLC (interior/architectural designer and general contractor) and her fellow partners in LHD Investments, LLC (Carrie Limbacher, John Limbacher and Deborah DiStefano) felt that Chattanooga and its growing innovations were ready to support “new” conscious design and construction.

Officials said, “Our city is growing, but our land is not.
We feel that it is our duty as designers, contractors and investors to think about the effect our developments will have immediately, as well as in the years to come. We can’t create more land, but we can minimize the adverse effects of necessary construction, by creating innovative spaces, and by implementing alternative and natural insulators such as green roofs. And when it is possible to do so, we can promote recycling by using existing objects (containers) as our basis for building.

"The second and most important ingredient beyond the conception, was to assemble a like-minded team that was strong, experts in their fields, problem solvers and up for a challenge. That team currently consists of Brent Chambers and his team at Chambers Welding and Thomas Smith and his team at TWT Trucking.

"We are excited to continue to create more cool and conscious living spaces. We know that thinking outside the box comes with challenges, but there isn’t one person involved that’s not up for the task and excited to keep moving forward."
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