STVRs In Unincorporated County Only To Be Available To Those With Larger Tracts

  • Wednesday, July 10, 2024

The County Commission voted Wednesday that only those in the unincorporated county with at least an acre in R-2 and at least two acres in Agricultural zoning can operate a Short Term Vacation Rental (STVR) going forward.

The commission voted 6-3 to approve the "compromise" resolution from Commissioner Lee Helton. In favor were Commissioners Helton, Chip Baker, Gene-o Shipley, Steve Highlander, David Sharpe and Chairman Jeff Eversole.

Opposed were Commissioners Joe Graham, Mike Chauncey and Greg Beck. Ken Smith was absent and Warren Mackey stepped out of the meeting prior to the vote.

An amendment by Commissioner Highlander to raise the limit to two and a half acres for Agricultural zoning failed.

Commissioner Helton said earlier, "It's an imperfect resolution, but it gives a little elbow room."

Commissioner Graham said, "This discriminates against people who buy houses with less than an acre. It discriminates rich over poor. It tramples property rights."

He said, "Anybody with less than an acre doesn't get treated fairly."

Those already operating STVRs and those who have applied to do so are "grandfathered in."

The commission last year put in rules that require annual inspections of STVRs and permits. Steps were taken to determine the exact number of STVRs operating out in the county. Commissioner Graham said it was around 70.

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