Chattanooga Resource Foundation (Chattanooga Matters) Closing After 26 Years

  • Thursday, November 5, 2009

After 26 years of ministry in the city, the Chattanooga Resource Foundation, currently known as Chattanooga Matters, is closing at the end of 2009.

Kevin McNelly, executive director, said, "Though this is indeed sad news, there is room to celebrate our successes over the years. The Leadership Class, one of the central components of our organization, has seen over 480 people participate in this life-changing course.

"These men and women are servant leaders in their home, place of business, church, on the mission field or in local ministries living out a Biblical world view and enriching our city with their lives. Zach Wamp, David Fowler, Jim Hammond, Rhonda Thurman, and Richard Floyd are among past Leadership Class participants who are serving the community.

"Chattanooga has been blessed by many city-wide events which you helped to support over the years. We have been privileged to host E.V. Hill, Tony Evans, Os Guinness, Franklin Graham, David Barton, Wellington Boone, Dallas Willard, Joseph Garlington, Peter Marshall, Rick Warren, David Noeble, Nancy Pearcey, Ruth Graham, and many others.

"Our 26-year legacy includes Family & Faith Night at Riverbend, numerous National Day of Prayer gatherings, Peacemakers seminars, Pastor=s Prayer Summits, Global Day of Prayer meetings, and various other initiatives that involved the whole community.

"In addition to this, CM has had the privilege of serving as an incubator and launching platform for local ministries such as First Things First, Chattanooga Youth Network, and Scenic City Women’s Network. It has been a joy to watch these ministries grow and prosper in our city under the capable leadership of Julie Baumgardner, Tony Souder and Susan Green.

"We appreciate the support we have received over the years from the entire Chattanooga community and believe that the partnerships that were formed served to advance the Kingdom of God in ways that cannot be measured in numbers, but count for much in God’s economy. Thank you."

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