EPB Fiber Optics Sponsors Tekelia Kelly's "Celebrate & Create!" E-book

  • Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Tekelia Kelly setting up Mapco Petroleum Computer Training Center for Employees in 1998
Tekelia Kelly setting up Mapco Petroleum Computer Training Center for Employees in 1998

Since 1995, Tekelia C. Kelly has served business and education with instruction and technology.  She has taught children at schools, homes and learning centers, and trained adults at corporations, small business and colleges.  Her engineering, instructional design, and information technology background has also landed her project manager contracts such as setting up Mapco's computer training center for employees in Memphis, and implementing UTC's Lupton Technology Smart Classroom Podiums across the campus in Chattanooga

The Tennessee Arts Commission Teaching Artist announced the debut of her new website at TekeliaKelly.com and new e-book "Celebrate and Create! Make The Holidays Great!", just in time for celebrating the holidays and the author's 20th anniversary.  With STEAM as the theme, the website offers a showcase of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) inspired  projects, with art and technology integrated learning programs, performances, solutions and curated content. The focus is still to strengthen the business-education and student-employer pipeline critical to "school-to-work" success.  A special section of the website has also been set up to pay tribute to students and includes Ms. Kelly singing. This can be found by clicking the "Celebrating 20 Years" star emblem on the site's home page.

"We are excited about our new Celebrate & Create! e-book and happy to offer it to children, families and communities! It provides custom fun and creative arts, crafts and activities, delivered online and offline, for 24/7 edutainment," said Ms. Kelly.  "Celebrate & Create!" is a lifestyle and education publication with lots of great stories about makers, mentors, media, manners, materials and more.  It is designed to strengthen children and family relationships as well as "school-to-work" success." 

An experiment done by IKEA called "The Other Letter" can be found on YouTube and shows 'what children really want for Christmas'. Children are asked to write two letters: one for the Three Kings (equivalent to Santa Claus) and one for their parents. Children are then asked to choose only one letter to send.  Children chose to send letters to their parents, asking for things like more time, activities and involvement with parents. 

"The study affirmed our thoughts and beliefs that there is a real need to reach and teach children in a revolutionary, responsive and relevant way.  "Celebrate and Create!" is a tool creatively designed to engage, educate, communicate and connect with children" said Ms. Kelly. 

Businesses supporting the "Celebrate & Create!" project include corporate sponsor EPB Fiber Optics, and sponsors Dr. Keith Dressler, Vincent Phipps of VIP Communications, Walter Johnson of Aquarium Foods, Mack Kelly of Alternative Auto Broker and Dorothea Johnson of Inner Glow Skin Care Service.  Businesses are invited to join the project's ongoing efforts and sponsors are welcome to promote their businesses in the e-book and/or on the website at any time.

A free trial version of the e-book as well as fee-based download of the full version can be found at TekeliaKelly.com. Just click the book's icon on the website's home page, then proceed to the  E-book page. For more information about Tekelia Kelly, projects, sponsorships and/or donations, please visitwww.tekeliakelly.com or email tekeliakelly@comcast.net.

For more information and a sneak preview of the new TekeliaKelly.com website, please visit www.tekeliakelly.com. Click the "Celebrate& Create" book icon.

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