Sick Of "Happy Holidays" - And Response (6)

  • Wednesday, December 23, 2015

After a week on board a cruise ship surrounded by hundreds of card-carrying members of the extreme left group 'The Nation' and their guru Ralph Nader, my head is still spinning.  Their vocal contempt for God, our military, and our capitalistic system, left me asking, if I were that angry I think I would find another country to live in. 

How about Copenhagen, Denmark?  Now there's your perfect socialist country.  Churches converted to gift shops or closed.  A vast majority either atheist or agnostic.  Marriage? What for.  Most young families don't even bother. Pornography is commonplace, and a Bible as scarce as behind the pews in our own churches anymore. 

When I come home to greetings and signs of "happy holidays" everywhere, I have  reached a bridge too far when even my own community of Windstone just off Ooltewah-Ringgold road and East Brainerd displays this "politically correct" passage on our own billboard.  Will they change it to add "Merry Christmas" and honor Christ on our holiday?  No way they said. "We'll patronize you and mention "Christmas decorations", that should be enough. 

Our board is controlled by liberals who feel it is OK to offend Christians under the banner of "inclusiveness." Since when is leaving God out of Christmas inclusive?  Christmas is not Ramadan, Kwanzaa, or even Hanukkah (I mean no disrespect to my Jewish friends). it is Christ-Mass/Christmas.  We were founded as a God-loving, fearing spiritual nation, but slowly and surely these liberals/progressives are managing to eradicate God from the public square.  Sort of like the story of boiling a frog in hot water. 

I for one have had enough.  I didn't serve my country only to surrender my heritage to these moral compromisers.  I will be out in front of Windstone on Thursday/Christmas Eve, from 3-5 p.m. to let all Windstone residents know how our board disrespects Christ our Lord on His day.  I encourage anyone who is sick of this trend to remove Christ from our culture in Chattanooga and elsewhere to join me as we expose this contempt for our faith in God.

Bill Reesor

* * *

Why not add Merry Christmas and keep also Happy Holidays?

It seems like demonstrating against the current signage is a very negative way to approach.

 I think leaving the Happy Holidays is fair to those who may not celebrate Christmas.

So..Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and most importantly Peace On Earth Goodwill To Men.

Dawn Devine


* * *

Well, that makes two of us, because I'm sick of every whining Tom, Dick and Harry wringing their hands over the imaginary "war on Christmas." Feel free to go to church every time the doors are open, read your Bible every waking hour of the day, and have a 15-foot Christmas tree, but also have a little respect for those that may believe a bit differently. That's what your neighborhood board "...controlled by liberals" is trying to accomplish.

As for suggesting liberals move to Denmark, I'd also suggest Mr. Reesor might consider moving to Afghanistan or Iran to see a real theocracy at work.

It's sad that one can reside in Windstone, take wonderful cruises, yet be so angry. Turn off Fox News, buy a dictionary, and look up the words tolerance, compassion, diversity, kindness and happiness.

I have no problem with saying Happy Holidays, since it is two holidays: Christmas and New Year's.
Get over it, and yourself.

Herb Montgomery

* * * 

Mr. Montgomery, 

Couldn't have said it better myself. 

Happy Holidays.

John Fricke

* * * 

The letter from Mr. Montgomery in response to Mr. Reesor's letter regarding "happy holidays" is one more example of the shrill response from most commonly the left side of the political podium. If it makes you feel any better let's put it this way. The gift of Jesus Christ from God is the reason we celebrate Christmas. Mr Reesor simply did not want to be guilty of denying Christ before men as those on the board did by their politically correct position in saying happy holidays.  

Ron Ray 

* * * 

Mr. Reesor,

Thank you for the opportunity to share a story about Denmark. Danish churches have not been converted to gift shops or closed. In fact, religion is more firmly entrenched in Danish society than in many other countries. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark is considered the state religion, with more than eight out of every 10 Danes being Evangelical Lutheran. The other close to two of every 10 Danes are either Jewish, other Christian denominations or Muslim. 

What is remarkable about the month of December is that it is quite a festive time where people of many walks of life share celebrations of their religious views or culture. For example: 

Eid al-Fitr (Muslim)
Saint Nicholas Day (Christian)
Eid'ul-Adha (Muslim)
Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican)
St. Lucia Day (Swedish)
Hanukkah (Jewish)
Christmas Day (Christian)
Three Kings Day/Epiphany (Christian)
Boxing Day (Australian, Canadian, English, Irish)
Kwanzaa (African American)
Omisoka (Japanese)
Yule (Pagan)
Saturnalia (Pagan) 

So by all means, please wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday, so that your feelings of goodwill, peace and joy can be felt by all who share our great community. 

John Pless

* * *

Despite Mr. Montgomery's denials, for several decades now there has been an open "War On Christmas" promoted by atheists, humanists, gay rights groups, Satanists, and other anti-Christian groups. I suspect the 70-plus percent of Americans who identify as Christian can verify that statement.

Christmas trees have been quietly dubbed "holiday trees" instead. An insulting "Gay Pride Festivus" pole painted in gaudy rainbow colors and topped with a silver disco ball was erected this Christmas season in the Georgia State Capitol building. This same tree has also been shoved in the face of Christians in Florida during this sacred season, and plans are to display it in Illinois, Michigan, and Washington as well.

In one state, young children were denied their traditional annual school trip to visit Santa because one mother in the class complained, much to the dismay of some rabbi's as well. Lawn Nativity scenes are being vandalized or stolen. Baby Jesus is routinely swiped from mangers at churches and homes, and in one case was replaced with a newly decapitated pig's head.

Some schools now prohibit any decorations for Christmas along with the traditional gift exchange between students, things that have been enjoyed by children for many, many decades. A trio of carolers were ejected from a Maryland U>.S Post Office for spreading Christmas cheer-something they'd done for years without complaint. Pornographic displays of the Virgin Mary, including a painting of a black "The Holy Virgin Mary" smeared with a lump of elephant dung drawn against a pornographic collage appears as a "work of art."  Elsewhere, a resident is eventually fined for his annual "zombie" Nativity scene, not because it is horrific and offensive to so many during the Christmas season, but because it exceeds zoning height regulations. A Comedy Central routine using "Merry ******* Christmas" is delivered during this sacred season peppered with jokes about sexual perversion, alcoholism, and drug use. 

Some local governments are now banning all seasonal displays on their property amid atheist and Satanic organization complaints and threats of lawsuits. Atheists across the nation continue to file suits to prohibit or dismantle Nativity scenes-when many of these long-cherished, elaborate displays have been community events enjoyed by families for generations. Another atheist group posts a huge digital sign on Times Square reading:  "Who Needs Christ During Christmas?  Nobody."  Other local governments with limited community display space hold lotteries in response to complaints for equal space-then space is quickly snapped up by atheist and Satanic groups solely for the purpose of denigrating Christ and the Christmas holidays. Instead of Nativity scenes on these community spaces, children are now greeted with displays featuring the "Church of the Flying Spaghetti" and a crucified skeletonized Santa. Other groups post banners and signs reading: "Happy Winter Solstice."  

 Even "A Charlie Brown Christmas," a wonderful and touching video family tradition, suddenly carries a NEW network disclaimer: "Warning.  This program contains strong Christian messages and may be offensive to some viewers."  Some schools find their "A Charlie Brown Christmas" plays also are censored as well, removing the humble and moving Christmas message found in Luke. And Salvation Army "Red Kettle" Christmas bell ringers have found themselves banned from stores and universities where they had previously been welcomed.

Public high school choral groups that had been performing at the Portland "Festival of Lights." a huge community Christmas celebration held at a Catholic Grotto, suddenly found themselves "uninvited" after Freedom From Religion groups complained about their appearance. "Silent Night," "Joy To The World," and other Christmas carols regularly performed by school choruses during holiday concerts throughout are now being banned by many schools as well.

"Manufactured outrage"?  "Phony war on Christmas"?  No, it's not "phony," Mr. Montgomery. Clearly the "Reason for the Season," which is celebrated by 70-plus percent of U.S. citizens as well as Christians around the globe, is under attack. Only the very naive, the Left Wing media, and those with an anti-Christian agenda are unwilling to acknowledge facts right in front of their faces.

Mya Lane


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