Reluctant Witnesses Says She Saw Pair Gun Down Man On Bradt Street

Detective Says He Was Told Group Was "Driving Around Looking For Rollin' 20 Gang Members To Shoot"

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A reluctant witness testified through sobs on Tuesday that she saw Montrell Williams and Kevion Hubbard gun down a man on Bradt Street and injure his brother.

The woman said the man who was shot multiple times was a gang member. Detective JaMell Noble said he was advised that the alleged shooters were part of a group "driving around looking for Rollin' 20 gang members to shoot."

Williams, who was identified as a Crips gang member, and Hubbard had charges that included criminal homicide bound to the Grand Jury.  Sherquilla Hubbard, sister of Kevion Hubbard and niece of Williams, had the same charge bound over.

Kelvin "Bye Bye" Crayton, 27, was killed and Jatoni Crayton, 31, was shot in the back in the incident on Aug. 24.

The state's witness said she had been friends with Sherquilla Hubbard since high school. She said that day she was in her Chrysler following a silver Nissan Sentra driven by Ms. Hubbard with Williams and Kevion Hubbard as passengers.

She said the Nissan stopped at a house where people were sitting at a table in front apparently playing a game. She said she drove by and went to the end of the street where she turned around and came back. She said she parked near the shooting scene and had a direct view.

The witness said she saw Williams and Kevion Hubbard get out of the car wielding guns and begin firing. She said they were shooting at "Bye Bye" - described as tall with dreads.

She said she afterward picked Ms. Hubbard up at the Bayberry (formerly Woodlawn) Apartments. She said she could tell that Ms Hubbard "was in shock."

The woman said she and Ms. Hubbard were picked up later that day by "Miss Deborah" and they went with her to Huntsville, Ala., to help with a party. She said after Miss Deborah brought them back she and Ms. Hubbard both found their cars were missing. She said they learned the vehicles had been towed by city police as part of a murder investigation.

Questioned by the defense, the woman said she had been told she "would go to jail if she did not testify."

A woman who said she is homeless and a regular crack cocaine user said she was on Bradt Street that day to meet up with Bye Bye. She said she had bought cocaine from him before and planned to that day. She also said she had been invited to a barbeque.

The witness said she was standing inside the screen door of a duplex when she saw Bye Bye walk up. She said he was tall and handsome with a beard and dread locks. "He was as sweet as he could be. He always gave me respect," she said.

The woman said she then saw Sherquilla Hubbard get out of a car as well as her brother. She said Ms. Hubbard was yelling at Bye Bye and that Kevion Hubbard fired numerous times at the unarmed Crayton brothers. She said Bye Bye clutched his chest and moaned as he was hit by the bullets.

She said Kelvin Crayton "didn't have nothing (no weapon). He turned around and all of a sudden Bam."

She said when the shooting was over several cars sped from the scene.

The witness said, "I ain't never seen no murder before. I'll never forget it."

Detective Noble said the murder was caught on video by a nearby resident, though those involved could not be made out. He said it showed "a commotion, people running, smoke rising and a lot of yelling and screaming."

The detective said the video showed three vehicles speed from the scene. He said one was the Nissan driven by Ms. Hubbard, another was a Chrysler driven by the first witness and the third was a maroon Malibu driven by a female associate of Ms. Hubbard and the first witness. The woman in the maroon car was interviewed by police, but not charged.

Detective Noble said two types of shell casings were found in the street and yard. He said one was 9mm and the other 40 caliber.

He said Ms. Hubbard said she did drive to Bradt Street with Williams and her brother, but it was to drop off her brother at his girl friend's. He said she denied being involved in a murder.

Detective Noble said Ms. Hubbard "had a very nonchalant attitude."

He said the first witness at first denied being at the slaying scene, but later admitted that she was. He said she told him she was frightened to testify against the defendants.

He said he told the first witness, "You are either a witness or you are a suspect."  






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