Top 12 Places Where Memories Come To Life In Roswell, Ga.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - by Danielle Purdie

From nature’s rushing water to history’s charming splendor and trendy eye-popping venues, Roswell, Ga., is the picture-perfect destination for creating lasting memories.

Just 20 minutes north of Atlanta, Roswell entices with wide-open spaces, dotted with the views from yesteryear and upgraded with modern-day appeal. Take a step back in time and seize the shot of timeless love in front of an antebellum home, sip suds at a hip brewery and snap a selfie over a locally crafted cold one or get a close-up of sculptures made to inspire. Wherever guests end up in Roswell, let the lens lead the way.  

1. Covered Pedestrian Bridge at Old Mill Park

On the banks of Vickery Creek, find ruins of the Roswell Manufacturing Co. Mills. Constructed in 1839 and 1853, these mills were burned by Union forces in July of 1864. Explore the historic grounds and then take a picture of the picturesque covered pedestrian bridge which connects Old Mill Park to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, a favorite destination for both professional and amateur photographers alike.

2. Vickery Creek Falls at Old Mill Park

The covered pedestrian bridge leads to a five-mile hiking trail surrounded by rolling forest. This stunning and historic trail is made perfect by the rushing waterfall from a steep rock bluff. The waterfall was created when the creek was dammed to provide waterpower to Roswell Manufacturing Co.’s original machine shop, which can still be viewed from the interpreted trail. Get up close with nature and capture the flowing water over rocky and grassy creek beds. For those preferring a shorter jaunt to the main event, there is also a direct path to the waterfall.

3. Gypsy Rose Mural

Boogie on down to Gypsy Rose. Known for hosting some of the best up-and-coming musical acts around, visitors are swept away by live entertainment, a fully stocked bar and eclectic 1960s vibe where walls are adorned with famous artists from the era, like Mick Jagger, Elton John and David Bowie. Before stepping inside, capture the alluring mural outside. One mural showcases the classic beauty of Gypsy Rose Lee, complete with vibrant colors and groovy touches and the other is a wild design featuring musical notes and how it makes you feel.

4. Art Around Roswell

Art Around Roswell is a museum without walls. Each year from April to March, ArtAround Roswell features temporary sculptures on loan to the city of Roswell by various artists. In addition to the temporary sculptures, ArtAround Roswell includes permanent creations that range from fresh and funky to meticulous and moving. Stroll the art trail and take a photo that will continue to inspire long after leaving Roswell’s city limits.

5. Roswall Mosaic

RosWall is an intricate 125-footlong ceramic mosaic behind the Roswell Cultural Arts Center and is a creation by international artist Jeff Mather and local art students that took 11-years to complete. Symbolic and abstract pieces give the primarily blue and red wall rich meaning. Capture the depth of its details on 950 Forrest Street. 

6. Gracious Plenty

Gracious Plenty is a bakery and breakfast restaurant passionate about serving locally sourced and seasonal dishes. Since their biscuits are a work of art, make sure to snap an Instagram-worthy shot before clearing the plate. Outside is a mural, complete with hearts and peace signs doubling as flowers, which perfectly embodies the restaurant’s mission, “Live Gracious, Love Plenty.” Strike a pose and be reminded of what really matters.

7. Table and Main

Indulge the senses at Roswell classic, Table & Main. This homey establishment draws guests in with a bright, geometric mural located on its sidewall and designed by Peter Ferrari. Capture the robust beauty outside and then treat the palate to flavorful Southern classics, like fried chicken and shrimp and grits, inside.

8. #PatiosForPaws

Don’t forget Fido! Roswell is an extremely dog-friendly city, with most outdoor restaurants inviting furry friends to partake in resting and relaxing. Grab a selfie with the fur-buddy for a bark-tastic shot and post it with the hashtag #PatiosForPaws.

9. Bulloch Hall

Slaves built the elegant Bulloch Hall in 1839. The dining room of Bulloch Hall was the setting of the wedding of Mittie Bulloch to Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. in 1853. The couple’s son, Theodore, became the 26th President of the United States. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this Greek Revival architecture is as rich in history as it is in classic beauty. Take a tour of the grounds and capture a shot of a shared love that is as timeless as the backdrop.

10. Canton Street

Continue to walk down memory lane on Canton Street. Now home to sidewalk cafes and storefronts, these fun and modern establishments are housed in quaint historic buildings. Roswell is home to over 200 independently owned restaurants, and Canton Street is home to many local favorites. Step into Zest and savor contemporary sushi rolls and tapas in the main dining room or sip cocktails at the energy-packed bar (957 Canton Street, Roswell, Georgia; Or order upscale gastro-pub favorites at Salt Factory Pub (952 Canton Street, Roswell, Georgia; When done satisfying appetites, fill up bags while shopping at unique boutiques. With a stroll down this picturesque street, visitors will find the ideal spot to say “Cheese” with a variety of backdrops seamlessly mixing yesterday and today.

11. From the Earth Brewing Company

Take in the rustic and refined wide-open space at From the Earth Brewing Company. Featuring wood, steel and concrete finishes, the ambiance sets the tone for a rich dining experience. The chef-driven menu features local and sustainable fare comprised of favorites like short ribs and braised lamb. Former SweetWater Brewmaster Kevin McNerney carefully crafts the house suds which include Belgian Wit, Berliner Weisse and American IPA. Snap a wide-shot in front of the impressive stainless steel brewhouse visible through tall glass panels,

12. Chattahoochee River

Explore Metro Atlanta’s most enticing natural attraction, the Chattahoochee River. Chattahoochee means “river of the painted rock”. At one time the Cherokee and Creek people lived, hunted and fished along its banks. Today, a seven-mile park along the river provides the opportunity to follow one of Georgia’s most unique resources, which happens to wind through Roswell. While taking snaps along this stretch of flowing water enveloped by tall pines, enjoy playgrounds, picnic areas, boat ramps, fishing and more. To enjoy the Chattahoochee River visit Azalea Park on Azalea Drive, Don White Memorial Park on Riverside Road or Riverside Park on Riverside Road,

Whether capturing photos for work or play, Roswell, Georgia is the perfect backdrop for memories worth reminiscing. Tag Visit Roswell Georgia or use #VisitRoswellGA as you document your trip.

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