22 Red Wolves Seniors Commit To Playing College Soccer

  • Saturday, June 13, 2020

All Chattanooga Red Wolves senior girls are committed to play collegiate soccer as well as 13 senior boys. Out of that graduating class, four boys and one girl will be heading to some of the nation’s top D1 Programs. The team is coached by Luidgi Beauzille’s.

Three of the Red Wolves boys teams had players commit to playing in college -  the 01/02 NPL boys coached by Danny McBride, the 01/02 Showcase boys coached by Jimmy Lessentine and the 01/02 boys coached by Andy Ward.

“Player development and growth is at the core of our organization’s purpose, helping get players on to the next level has always been a top priority,” said Red Wolves President Chad Mize.

“They put so much time and effort into soccer and it’s our job to be there as a resource to help them excel.” 

The Academy has various initiatives to maximize college potential. “We hold College Recruiting Seminars, help players develop soccer resumes, email templates and a list of best-fit colleges,” said Mize. “ We hold academy college ID camps that are very well attended by collegiate coaching staffs. Our academy Juniors and Seniors play in as many high quality college showcases as our schedule allows. We also set up and play multiple preseason games against college teams, have college coaches occasionally attend our training sessions and scrimmages in addition to employing multiple college coaches within our academy for our Senior Academy teams.”

“These seniors have set a great precedent for future players graduating from our academy,” saidRed Wolves Technical Director and First Team Head Coach Jimmy Obleda.”They’re a solid example for younger players in our academy and we wish them the best on the next stage of their soccer careers.”

College bound are Gustavo Arredondo, Channing Barker, Lucy Calhoun, Yvan Garnica, Jenna Garretson, Reagan Harrold, Charlie Hooks, Alyssa Karnes, Emily Karnes, Elias Lemus, Trevor McDaniel, Pepe de Moares, Adrian Oyler, Miguel Perez, Adrian Franco, Andrew Prescott, Manny Prieto, Sophie Ramsuer, Amy Rasmussen, Suzie Rodriguez, Ryan Wolfe, Jeremiah Zuniga.

Bethel College

Gustavo will be going to Bethel College in the fall of 2020. Gustavo is excited to take on this new challenge and is thankful for the work that Coach Danny and Coach Jimmy did during his time with CRWA. Gustavo’s motivation during training was to “play each game like the school you want to play for is watching.” He is an incredibly hard worker and a joy to be around. Gustavo looks forward to making new friends on and off the field and starting his new journey at Bethel College later this year.

Catawba College

Channing Barker will be attending Catawba College this fall, and is an outside back. She was drawn to Catawba’s program after meeting Coach Nick Brown and hearing his vision for the program and players. She advises academy players looking to play in college “to make your decision based not only on soccer but also the environment and academics.” She’s excited to start this new journey alongside her Red Wolves Teammate Suzie Rodriguez.

University of Alabama Huntsville

Lucy will be playing at the University of Alabama, Huntsville this fall. She is a defender who can step into a defensive midfield position at any time. University of Alabama Huntsville Head Coach Jimmy Mitchell had been scouting Lucy since her sophomore year in highschool. When asked what advice she would give to CRWA’s younger players she stressed that it is important to “continue to work hard and put yourselves out there for coaches to see.” She looks forward to the next step and bonding with her new teammates on and off the pitch.

Tennessee Wesleyan University

Pepe will be attending TWU in the fall, and play under CRWA coach, Luke Winter. Pepe is a brazilian goalkeeper who is remarkable with both his hands and his feet. He will be someone who will compete for a starting position as a freshman. Pepe is really appreciative of his coaches, and how they prepared him for the next level. He says, “The coaching staff is great and always do everything they can do to help you. By being consistent with that they have created a high quality program.” Pepe is a hard worker and has big things in store for him.  
Bryan College

Signed 06/09/20.

Bryan College

Yvan will be attending Bryan College this fall. He is very excited to commit to Bryan since the quality of the program is high and will be accompanied by several of his friends. Yvan reflected on his time with CRWA and wants to thank the coaches for preparing him well. “They challenged us and they were consistent which I think helped us become better players. I am appreciative of that.” Yvan is ready for the collegiate experience, and can’t wait to see where soccer takes him.

Lee University

Jenna will be attending Lee University this fall. She is excited about playing under her former coach, Coach Luigi and Academy teammate, Sophie Ramsuer at the next level. Lee has become an established name in the soccer community, winning 4 national championships in the past 12 years. Holistic excellence transcends the campus and the community, and Jenna will be right at home as soon as she arrives. Reflecting on her time with CRWA she says, “it was both positive and inspiring” which are characteristics that she witnessed while visiting Lee’s campus. For the younger players in the Academy Jenna leaves them with this piece of advice, “always push yourself and never quit. Always put yourself out there, and email coaches before traveling.” She is excited to pursue her education while playing the sport she loves.

Tusculum University

Reagan will be playing at Tusculum University this fall. She’s a center midfielder, and will fit right in with the playing style of Coach Mike Joy at Tusculum. She’s focusing on obtaining her BSN and becoming a nurse. She chose Tusculum University because they have a good nursing program, a good team dynamic and it’s close to home. When asked about what advice she’d give to younger players in the academy, Reagan said,”It’s important to really know what you want before you begin looking at school. The process can be overwhelming at times. Have a few schools that you love and really pursue them.” The future is bright, and she looks forward to starting the collegiate season and meeting new friends.

Covenant College

Charlie will be attending Covenant College in the fall, and is a recent graduate of Baylor. While there he was a goalkeeper that played under Coach Curtis Blair. He had a decorated highschool career and was able to win the 2018 high school State Championship and the 2019 Disney tournament for his division. He said he chose Covenant because he “loves the community at the school.” He is a long time friend of Head Coach Scott Bosgraf and values how much he cares for the players. He also wanted to thank Danny McBride who coached him while at CRWA. Charlie goes on to say, “Playing for Danny over the past few years has really shaped me as a player. He is an excellent coach and prepared me well to play at the collegiate level.

Shorter University

Alyssa will be joining the Shorter University soccer program this fall. She’s a great shot-stopping goalkeeper. Alyssa knew that Shorter was the place for her after meeting the players and coaching staff who welcomed her with open arms during her visit. Alyssa, who was sidelined by injury last season, tirelessly rehabbed and is ready to contribute once she steps on campus this fall. Her advice to younger players at CRWA is to “be the teammate that you wished you had. Put in the work today so you are properly set up for tomorrow. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it is fun when you are doing it with some of your closest friends.”

Bryan College

Emily Karnes will be continuing her education and soccer career at Bryan College this fall, which has one of the most competitive conferences in the region. She is a strong defender known for her unbeatable work ethic. When asked what advice she would give to our younger players she says, “Enjoy the journey. you’re where you are because you love the sport. Don’t get too caught up in the future that you can’t enjoy what’s happening right now.” Emily is eager to be a part of the Bryan community, play the sport that she loves, and to see how it will shape her next four years while at Bryan.

Bryan College

Elias will be attending Bryan College in the fall. They have a great program, and have worked alongside the Dalton Red Wolves to create outstanding players like CRW’s very own Jonathan Ricketts. Elias is grateful for his time at CRWA and says, “The Red Wolves helped a lot, their coaches are very good coaches who push you to work harder and play harder. They took me to showcases, offered camps, and provided many opportunities that many clubs don’t get which is awesome and I appreciate their work they put in for my next step.” Elias is eager and ready to join Bryan’s soccer program and be a part of their community which was a notable attribute he picked up on while visiting.

Covenant College

Trevor will be attending Covenant College this fall as a Boyd-Buchannan graduate. One of his favorite soccer memories was playing his last CRWA match at the ESPN center in Orlando with both friends and family attending. “Being with CRWA has taught me what high level soccer looks like in addition to the discipline and professionalism to reach it.” Trevor chose Covenant knowing that it was the right place for him to be. Head Coach Scott Bosgraf was able to mentor Trevor through the coaching process and make the transition from club to college as easy as possible. In the anticipation for next season Trevor says, “I have worked hard and have given it my all for years. I am looking forward to playing in front of hundreds of fans next year who will soon become close friends of mine. Covenant is a cool place and I can’t wait to get started.”

Averett University

Adrian will be attending Averett University in the fall. He is a graduate of Boyd-Buchannan and played on the CRWA 01/02 boys team. Choosing the right school can be difficult, but Adrian is very excited to be attending Averett and wants to thank his coaches for their guidance throughout this life decision. He is excited to begin his new journey as an Averett Cougar and said, “I'm looking forward to getting to work as hard each day with people who share a common goal with me. I love being able to meet people and using soccer to bond over a common goal.”

Georgia Southern University 

Miguel will be attending Georgia Southern University which is a Division I program in Statesboro, GA. He is a stand out player and will make an immediate impact on his new team. One of his favorite memories was during the game against Darlington Academy during the Disney Showcase. He scored two remarkable goals that helped put the team through to victory. Miguel is a player that exemplifies the qualities CRWA strives to create in a player. His advice for the younger players in the Academy is to, “surround yourself with friends that have similar goals to you. Dream big.”

East Tenn. State University 

Andrew will be attending ETSU in the fall and will be enrolling into their business program. He was very impressed with the school’s effort towards sports science, quality of education you receive, and campus’ facilities. Andrew has concentrated his efforts from a young age to obtain his goal, and would advise any younger CRWA players to maintain consistency in order to obtain substantial progress. He later says, “CRWA has given me the tools to succeed. By providing excellent coaches and the proper exposure I was able to place myself where I needed to be.” Andrew is a goalkeeper who will do big things.

Campbell University

Manny is attending Campbell University this fall, and will be one of the few Division I players coming out of the Academy. He is excited to experience the life of a DI athlete, but says he’ll never forget the trips down to the Disney Showcase, which he and his team won. He wants to encourage the CRWA players by saying, “things won’t simply be given to you. There will be opportunities, but you have to work for your goals in order to earn your achievements. Don’t make excuses because it’s better to fail and learn from it so that you can do better next time. Manny is an extraordinary player and we wish him all the best at Campbell.

Lee University

Sophia will be playing at Lee University this fall. Her move to the collegiate level will be seamless in part to Luidgi Beauzile, Sophia’s Red Wolves Academy Coach, is the assistant coach of the Lee University Women’s team. Lee University is renowned for both its soccer program and academic prowess. The university has won 4 national championships in the past 12 years. Sophie’s piece of advice to younger players looking to play in college is to “always watch players who are better than you. Whether you are watching a professional match, someone on your team, or even your opponent in the same position, you will take your game to the next level by growing and learning from them.” There is much excitement for her as she chooses to further her education and soccer career this fall. 

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Amy will be playing for the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga this fall. She is a center forward and will be a great local talent competing at UTC’s Division I stage in the SOCON conference. Gavin McKinney’s program stood out to her during the recruiting process because of their focus on player development on and off the field and team full of accomplished players. “A piece of advice I would give younger players in the academy that want to play in college is to stay focused because it gets harder as you get into high school. You have to sacrifice doing other school activities and social events in order to travel and practice but in the long run, the benefits of playing in college is something not many people accomplish. All of the work and effort you put into soccer to become a better player pays off and opens up so many doors for your future.”

Catawba College

Suzie will be attending Catawba College this fall. She will be a goalkeeper playing in the Southern Atlantic Conference which is full of top talent and competitive schools. She was drawn to the school after meeting the players and seeing their dedication to becoming great both on and off the field. For those who are still in the Academy she says, “Nothing that has ever been worth doing is easy. There will be days when you feel defeated, but don't let them discourage you from growing and improving.” She looks forward to meeting new people with a similar goal, and to room with her Red Wolves Teammate Channing Barker.

Tennessee Wesleyan

Ryan will be attending Tennessee Wesleyan in the fall as a Chattanooga Christian School graduate. Ryan is an outside winger, and is a great example of what it looks like to work hard while having a good attitude. Ryan’s style of play positively affects the rest of the team because his grit encourages people to counter attack or collectively defend. One of the primary reasons Ryan chose to attend TWU was to be coached by Luke Winter and Billy Sparks, who are a part of the Red Wolves coaching staff at the Academy and semi-professional level. Ryan is “looking forward to growing as an individual player and as a team player” upon his arrival at TWU. We were glad to have Ryan be a part of the CRWA

Loyola University

Jeremiah will be attending Loyola University in the fall of 2020. He says he is really thankful for CRWA getting him in touch with the Head Coach at Loyola, and for giving him the confidence to make an impact on their roster. By doing so, it allowed him to make the commitment process easier. He goes on to say, “The Academy was able to give me the exposure to play against more competitive teams. This pushed me to become a better player, and developed my skill on the field and character off of it. Jeremiah is a sharp young man and says to the players that are still in the Academy “if you work more, you achieve more.” Jeremiah constantly strives for greatness and will be a great addition to Loyola’s soccer program.

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