Think Long And Hard Before Voting - And Response (3)

Friday, September 11, 2020

Nov. 3 is just a few short weeks away and all of us have a decision to make. Some have already made that decision and when early voting begins, mid October, we will have made that decision.

My need to write this is to maybe suggest; maybe warn each and every voter the decision made will make a difference this next four years. The president has spent so much money of his reelection bid that foolishness reigns.  He now says he can fund the rest himself.  

I used to hear a lot of fairy tales when I was very little. My grandmother would read to me.  I loved that time with her. This country has been fed a very long series of fairy tales. The president is not my grandmother. He is the leader of the U.S. and can we afford to submit to his faulty imagination and dishonesty for another four years? 

The many GOP loyalists in this county should take a very deep breath before they bubble in that candidate just because he labels himself as a Republican. 

Robert Brooks

 * * * 

It’s not just “GOP loyalists” who will be voting to re-elect President Donald Trump.  Count in the millions of independents and #Walkaway Democrats who are fleeing the socialism, pandering, racism, lies and tyranny of the Democrat Party. Your grandmother’s fairy tales are no match for the horrific nightmare of never-ending riots, shutdowns, taxes, wars, food lines and gun confiscation that we will face if we elect that Dementia Patient Trojan Horse, “Hiden Biden.”   

No one must “think long and hard” about America remaining free, Mr. Brooks. This election boils down to America remaining a law-abiding, peaceful, free capitalist country or a socialist hole run by power hungry narcissists who sold out our country to globalism and war. 

Trump will win not only this county and the great state of Tennessee, but he will win in a nationwide victorious landslide. He will win long held Democratic states like Minnesota where six mayors from the Iron Range recently endorsed him. His base is stronger than ever, his crowds larger and louder than ever. 

Biden has barely emerged from his basement, and when he does, the only people there to greet him are Trump supporters there to protest him and a few “reporters” i.e. plants who ask him how is applesauce tasted. Joe Biden did nothing for 47 years. As Obama said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to "mess things up.”  Oh, and "mess" them up he’s doing quite well.  

Mr. Brooks, you are what is known as a “low information voter.”  Stop watching CNN, Mr. Brooks because you cannot offer up what makes your candidate a great alternative.  It’s always just “Orange Man Bad.”  It’s TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome. Your party is the party of hate, but you love to pretend and project otherwise. Your party hates America. All you can do is repeat the lies you heard from the Mainstream Marxist Media. Try some Youtubers like Anthony Brian Logan, Officer Brandon Tatum or Dr. Steve Turley. Check out Gateway Pundit, Red State, Breitbart, Tucker Carlson, and other news sources. Watch Andy Ngo’s Twitter videos of the riots that the Democrats do nothing about. Watch Antifa violence that Democrat Nadler denied even existed. 

Americans do not  have to “think long and hard about” Kamala Harris’s record as CA’s Attorney General, Nancy’s trip to the hair salon, i.e. “set-up”, endless wars, high taxes, being energy dependent, harmful small business regulations, endless COVID-19 shutdowns, the smear campaign of Justice Kavanaugh, sending jobs to China and other countries, putting America last, selling nuclear secrets to China, bad trade deals, NAFTA, Hunter Biden and his deals with China,  spying on a duly elected president, “Russiagate”, destroying the 2nd Amendment,  BLM looting and destruction in Portland, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Kenosha,  ANTIFA’s violent riots, cancel culture, big tech censorship, government funded abortion of black babies, Nick Sandmann,  feckless district attorneys, Cuomo, DeBlasio, open borders, Islamic Terrorism, Isis, Rolling Power Outages, loss of oil industry jobs, Sanctuary Cities, fake news, defunding hard working law enforcement, MS-13, destroying our cities, failing infrastructure, the Clintons, and lastly and most importantly, socialism. That is what your party has to offer Americans. Thanks, but no thanks!

Democrats don’t have a prayer, not that they would even offer one up.  America noticed that the word “God” was removed from the Pledge of Allegiance at their Zoom meeting/ DNC.  Twice. 
Remember the saying, Mr. Brooks, "You can vote your way into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out. Americans know that poor old Sleepy Joe is a Trojan Horse for their ultra-left-wing agenda.  While he’s napping, they will be turning our country into the next Venezuela.   

Thanks for the advice, Mr. Brooks, but America will vote very quickly and easily for freedom (and probably in person).  God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump! 

Sue Edmondson

* * * 

I always appreciate the opportunity to be able to post my opinions on this website. One thing about America is that you have the constitutional right to do so without fear of criminal retribution. I appreciate Mr. Brooks on being allowed to express his opinion about this year's election and also Ms. Edmondson for her rebuttal. Mr. Brooks has his points but I think it sounds like Ms. Edmonson has an angry reply concerning her beliefs and admonishing Mr. Brooks for his.

So here goes, I myself wish we had two different candidates to vote for but we don't. I am beginning to think they should be an age limit on running for presidency as in old versus younger. We have one on how old you need to be to qualify to run for the presidency but none on the age limit. I don't think I can vote for either candidate this year but will vote for lower offices and yes I will do it from home via the mail.

I have said in the past that I am independent as far as political parties go and vote for who I think is best for the job. Now, I think Mr. Brooks is asking that you look at character more than the party he represents, but Ms. Edmonson is saying that he is a "low information voter" and she knows it all.

So let me start by saying Donald Trump is a poor choice for president, will he win, I suppose so. But, Mr. Brooks appears not to be a low information voter but on the other hand, Ms. Edmonson doesn't have her facts right either. Is CNN, ABC, MNBC or CBS all liars and FOX news the only holier than thou truth advocate? Give me a break, they are opposite of every other news channel on TV. So, let me give examples.

Trump's own family members, sister and niece have spoken out against him, who would know him better? Do you know him better, Ms. Edmondson, are you close friends with him? According to FOX news they are liars.

Did Bob Woodward make up his stories about Trump saying he knew but held off alerting the public to stave off a panic? Of course Mr. Woodward had permission to tape Trump by the president himself. It's like we have a category 5 hurricane coming but don't tell anyone so they won't panic and we will deal with the casualties later.

Fox News (Hannity Carlson and Ingraham) and (Jeanine Pirros with interviewing Trump he say he has been told that Biden is on drugs) says his relatives are all wrong and blame Woodward for his book with all its untruths. Of course Ms. Edmondson uses all the silly name calling toward Biden as the president does. Biden is still a distinguished older man that doesn't resort to making up silly names for everyone who disagrees with him. And a narcissistic Democratic Party, really! Trump is the most narcissistic, egotistical man to ever be elected president and he is as schoolyard childish as a person could be because he always hits back with silly immature names for anyone who speaks out against him.

And another thing, he was elected president but not as a royal family with his children and son-in-law being prince and princesses and attending world events as representatives of the U.S. All the intelligent people in his administration who were masters in their fields have been replaced because they intimidated Trump. You know Trump invited Hillary to one of his weddings, was once a Democrat and was close friends with Jeffrey Epstein.

All of the things Ms. Edmondson has charged have been going on through both Republican and Democratic presidents of the past. Most of the things you have mentioned have been going on under this Republican president. All I am saying without having to write a book is like Mr. Brooks said just because Trump now is running in the Republican Party, don't think for a minute there isn't better candidates in that party out there.

Cliff Duggan

* * *

Ms. Edmonson, 

After reading your response, I felt like there might be a chance for the human race.  My one wish would be that President Trump could read your response.  

You are a true American.  Thank you for putting your thoughts out for us. 

All your points were spot on.  I pray that Donald Trump will be the victor in November.  

Jim Rosenbloom


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