New Tag Readers At Lookout Mountain Aim To Help With Rash Of Car Thefts; Police To Crack Down On 2 STVR Operators That Are "Flagrantly Violating The Law"

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - by Ferris Robinson
Donald Patterson
Donald Patterson

There have been multiple stolen vehicles in both Lookout Mountain, Tn., and Lookout Mountain, Ga., and there is absolutely no reason cars should be stolen, Lookout Mountain, Tn., Police Chief Chuck Wells said. All of the stolen vehicles were unlocked with the keys left in them. Regarding the rash of car burglaries in both towns, all of the vehicles were left unlocked.

"The solution is simple," Chief Wells said. “Lock your vehicles. Always.” Commissioner Jim Bentley agreed, saying, "We need to simply get in the habit of automatically locking our cars."

Locking car doors will eliminate car theft, but new tag readers will add another layer of protection to the community. Chief Bentley said the existing cameras would stay in place and are good for taking photographs of vehicles entering the town at several points, but the tag readers will do much more than that. Part of a TBI system, the tag readers actually analyze the vehicle, and if a warrant of any kind comes up, the system notifies the dispatcher in Lookout Mountain, Tn. So, for example, if a stolen car enters the jurisdiction of Lookout Mountain, Tn., the dispatcher knows immediately and the department can take appropriate action. 

The solution is simple, Chief Wells said. “Lock your vehicles. Always.” Commissioner Bentley

Terrie Payne, the town’s new certified municipal officer-in-training, reported on the monthly finances, saying that repair and maintenance expenses include air conditioner repair and radio access fees, and the town’s capital outlay includes the purchase of a new fire truck.

Fire and Police Commissioner Bentley pointed out the dark, foggy weather outside the window and reiterated the importance of wearing reflective clothing when biking or walking, as well as turning on car headlights on foggy or rainy days. Days will soon be getting shorter and dense fog is not uncommon on the mountain, and Commissioner Bentley said without reflective vests, people can literally not be seen in inclement weather. He said reflective vests are available at the town hall for purchase. Hopefully folks will use common sense and keep themselves safe, he said.

Common sense also comes into play regarding the town’s noise ordinance. It boils down to common courtesy. Leaf blowers and other loud equipment are not allowed during certain hours, including early morning, early evening and on Sunday.

Commissioner Bentley also said that short term rentals are not allowed in Lookout Mountain, Tn., but there are at least two properties that are flagrantly disobeying this law. Chief Chuck Wells and Mr. Bentley agreed that the law was clear, and the violators would be prosecuted. “They are violating the law and completely disregarding it when they (continue with short term rentals), and we will enforce the law,” Chief Wells said.

Commissioner Bentley introduced the newest member of the Lookout Mountain Police Department, Donald Patterson. Formerly in the communications department and also a fireman, Mr. Patterson is looking forward to his new role and will make a valuable employee, Commissioner Bentley said.

Flag football is underway, said Commissioner David Paschall, adding that there are eight teams of 10 for a total of 80 players. The Commons is in good shape, with routine maintenance such as mulch and additional river rock being added in spots. 

The town’s two leaf machines are ready to go. There is no paving scheduled this year, but more reflectors are being added.

Commissioner of Schools Brooke Pippenger said that the Laurelwood Garden Club mailbox decoration sale is underway, with proceeds benefitting both Fairyland Elementary School and Lookout Mountain School. She said it was a great way to support the schools and beautify the neighborhoods, adding that a mailbox decoration would make an excellent Christmas gift.

Commissioner Pippenger also voiced her appreciation for the teachers and parents at LMS for how beautifully they handled a difficult year with COVID-19 and the pandemic. She reminded everyone that the Lookout Mountain School Carnival will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 19, after being rained out last week. This major school fundraiser could not be held last year, and she urges everyone to come out, grab dinner and pick up a few casseroles, and stroll about in the festive environment in support of LMS.

Mayor Jones said that many citizens are committed to beautifying the community, especially Ann Caldwell and Wendy Robinson, who instigated the Lookout for Litter campaign several years ago. He also said that the town should receive part of its funds from American Rescue Plan, which is $565,000 total. Dwight Montague will help navigate the ARP grant as far as meeting criteria to access the funds.  

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