Police Arresting 5 Suspects In Aggravated Robbery Of Youtuber Miko Worldwide

  • Thursday, October 13, 2022
Shannon Vinson
Shannon Vinson

Police said they are making five arrests in the aggravated robbery and assault of Youtuber Miko Worldwide (Michael Wolfgang Nichol) in Chattanooga.

Nichol, who goes around the world making videos featuring the "raw streets" and "hoods,"  was in Chattanooga recently for a video posted earlier.

A detective said Nichol showed up at the Police Services Center on Sept. 1 on a delayed robbery report. He said the day before he and two other videographers met with a man near the Avondale Recreation Center. 

He said when they arrived there were 6-7 black males, ages 18-24, all displaying handguns. He said it was decided to follow the group to a second location. When they arrived there, they all walked into a house, where he said he was hit with a metal pan, causing a laceration to his forehead. He said he was also struck in the right side of his face with another object, causing a bruise to his left cheek.

He said all the males with guns were pointing them at him and the two other videographers.

Nichol said they then took all their wallets and cell phones. They went through his phone and found CashApp banking information through Wells Fargo and Chime App. He said they would hold the phone up to his face so that it would give them access to the money.

He said they tried to wire money in amounts of $10,000 and $15,000 and were unsuccessful. They were able to go to an ATM using Wells Fargo and took out two $500 transactions. They used Cash App to transfer $4,926 to a person named Shannon V. They were able to transfer around $700 of other of his funds, he said.

They took the keys to all the videographers' vehicles and found a gun inside one, the report says.

Nichol said the two other videographers were not going to press charges and were not going to report the incident. Police said Nichol initially said he also was not going to prosecute, but he later changed his mind.

Police said Nichol called back saying the perpetrators had made a video bragging about robbing him and were displaying items taken from him, including a gold necklace and a large gold medallion. Police were able to locate the video on Instagram and preserved it.

Police were able to identify the three people in the video including Shannon Demetri Vinson Jr., 23. He has been arrested for aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnapping and possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony.

Police said two of the three were out on bond for weapon and drug offenses at the time.

Police said Nichols picked those three out of a photo lineup and also identified two others as taking part in the robbery.

Police said they were given the location of where Nichol had gone to the house with the group as 1803 Taylor St. 

Miko Worldwide first visited Chattanooga in June to make a video that is still posted.

Other videos show suspects talking about the alleged robbery.

Shannon Vinson, who has had a number of arrests, was taken into custody on Wednesday.





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