McCallie Middle School Tennis Defeats MBA, 6-3

  • Monday, October 3, 2022

At Sewanee, the Blue Tornado won 2 out of 3 doubles and then 4 out of 6 singles to defeat Montgomery Bell Academy (MBA) 6-3 in middle school tennis.   The doubles teams of Jake Lindquist-Graham Gervin and Vishnu Vardhana-Max Poulos put McCallie ahead 2-1 going into the singles.  Jake Lindquist won convincingly 8-0 followed by 8-1 victories from Graham Gervin and Vishnu Vardhana.  John Moore finished the scoring with a solid 8-4 win at number 2 singles.

McCallie ended the Fall season with a 7-1 overall record and allowed the Blue Tornado to keep the trophy that goes to the winning team.

The McCallie B team was also victorious by a 5-3 score over the MBA B team.  The doubles team of Isaac George-Om Kapadia won at # 4 doubles, and singles winners were Max Poulos, Om Kapadia, Liam Tabibiazar and Zohayr Memon.

The individual results of the match were as follows:

McCallie 6  MBA 3


  1.  Jimmy Lockhart (M) lost to Gaurish Sahoo (MBA) 8-4

  2.   John Moore (M) defeated William Smithwick (MBA) 8-4

  3.   Jake Lindquist (M) defeated Hunt Nichols (MBA) 8-0

  4.  Graham Gervin (M) defeated Owen Anderson (MBA) 8-1

  5.   Vishnu Vardhana (M) defeated Henry Anderson (MBA) 8-1

  6.   Isaac George (M) lost to Charlie Willers (MBA) 8-5


  1. Jimmy Lockhart-John Moore (M)  Sahoo-Smithwick (MBA) 8-4

  2. Jake Lindquist-Graham Gervin (M) defeated Nichols-O. Anderson (MBA) 8-5

  3. Vishnu Vardhana-Max Poulos (M) defeated H. Anderson-Willers (MBA) 8-5

McCallie B Team 5 MBA B Team 3


  1.   Max Poulos (M) defeated Graham Sauer (MBA) 8-4

  2.   Om Kapadia (M) defeated Hamp Lefler (MBA) 8-3

  3.    TH Wingfield (M) lost to Eli Kraemer (MBA) 8-2

  4.    Liam Tabibiazar (M) defeated Bryan Bass (MBA) 8-3

  5.    Sam Harris (M) lost to William Virgin (MBA) 8-3

  6.   Zohayr Memon (M) defeated Bryan Bass (MBA) 8-5


  1. Isaac George-Om Kapadia (M) defeated Lefler-Sauer (MBA) 8-5

  2. TH Wingfield-Liam Tabibiazar (M) lost to Virgin-Kraemer (MBA) 8-4

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