East Ridge City Court Clerk Opposes Move To Place Post Under City Manager; Judge Change Would Open Position To Collegedale Judge Kevin Wilson

  • Monday, June 20, 2022

East Ridge voters will be getting two referendums relating to the city's court system in the Aug. 4 election.

One would change the way the city court clerk is selected - moving it from the current system of being elected to being appointed by the city manager.

Patricia Cassidy, East Ridge city court clerk since 2014, said she went along with the referendum because the alternative would have been to open up the position to anyone in Hamilton County. 


She said,  "I believe that there are citizens in the city who are well qualified to hold the position of court clerk, have the legal experience, etc., and we shouldn’t have to go all over the county to find someone.

I also believe that any elected official for the city should reside in the city." 


Ms. Cassidy said she will actively campaign for the job to remain in the hands of the voters.


Another measure would allow the city judge to live anywhere in Hamilton County - not just East Ridge. It also would allow a municipal judge for another city to also sit in East Ridge.


Kevin Wilson, longtime judge at Collegedale, is on the East Ridge city judge ballot for Nov. 4. Other candidates are Tracy Cox, Chris Dixon and Rich Heinsman.


The Election Commission on Monday approved the Aug. 4 ballot.


Early voting will be from July 15-30 at the same locations as the May primary.

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