Did You Know? Non-Life-Threatening Injury

  • Wednesday, September 28, 2022
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

The frequent use of the above term after every injury that is non-fatal is well documented in the news media in the Chattanooga area.

It is simply defined as “essentially an injury that does not put your life in danger.”

The results of many of the shootings that do not end with death fall into this description.

However, the definition is also subject to a multitude of interpretations including three that follow:

1.)   The shooter is an awful shot with a firearm; or

2.)   The exchange of gunfire is a based on a motive of revenge or payback; and

3.)   The shooting of an innocent bystander may be part of an initiation ritual into an organization that some politicians do not want to mention but the newly elected District Attorney General on election night rightfully used the term in her proposed crusade against violence.  It’s called “gangs.”

Unfortunately, probably through a typo omission(?), the term is not mentioned in the press release by the largest law enforcement agency in Hamilton County in its “Road Map to End Gun Violence” and the full 14 page document as contained at cha.city/roadmap.

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